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Gene Vincent
Submitted by raveonreviews (01 July 2007)
Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps influenced generations of rock artists with their rockabilly recordings on Capitol. Yet, those classics sides were not the end of Vincent's story as a recording artist. This smartly documented set includes 223 of the Virginia-born rock pioneer's studio work from every label he was associated with over his 16...
Bob Luman
Submitted by raveonreviews (14 June 2007)
This four CD boxed set contains all of Bob Luman's recordings from 1955-1967. The Texas-native graced many labels during this period including Abbott, Imperial, Capitol, Warner Brothers, and Hickory Records. The 117 tracks includes 8 unissued masters - many in stereo for the first time - and all of his quintessential rockabilly staples. Luman's story...
Gene Simmons
Submitted by raveonreviews (13 June 2007)
For the first time, every song Jumpin' Gene Simmons recorded at Sun is included along with essential alternate takes and some choice sides from his days at HI, Checker and Argo. [Simmons 1964 smash hit "Haunted House" is included on: Complete Gene Simmons on HI - Cream HEXD 53] The intriguing story of Simmons's involvement with...
Garnet Hearts
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
This first album from The Garnet Hearts presents 14 tracks of pure 1950s style Rockabilly music with a definite Sun Records influence. There are hints of Carl Perkins and Sonny Burgess, but these guys play naturally without trying to be exact copies of the Rockabilly legends. The production and performance is period perfect, and the songs...
Legendary Kid Combo
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
The Legendary Kid Combo abuse and torture Country & Western/Hillibilly music - these 5 insane musicians play faster than any Country band or Rockabilly trio, labelling their mess of styles as COCK-A-BILLY. Get ready to start slumming through the ancient saloons and take in the Wild West atmosphere with alcoholic stories of drunken cowboys and evil...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. Shouldst ye be harkening after more dark-hearted horror/ghoul/vampabilly theatrics then along come Canadians Flesh, fronted by the aforely-mentioned femme fatale, the vamp after your vitals Lili Sweet. Maybe you’ve had your fill of *The Horrorpops* and fellow Candian grave-raiders *The Creepshow* but don’t write off this set of silver-bullet proof B-Movie schlock...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. Undoubtedly the primo neo-rockabilly band this collection showcases the supreme song-craft and slinky string upholstery that Mark Harman carved out of Rockabilly, eschewing the rough-cut corn-chewing of the more authentic-centred bands for streamlined urbanity, keeping the taut tension and twitching livewire energy in the tensile Telecaster that he’s carried onto The Space...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (06 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. First time CD, and slick digi-pack at that, issue for this, the only album from neo-rockabilly burn-outs Fractured, originally issued in 1987. Favourites at the infamous London psychobilly night Klub Foot in the early to mid eighties, primarily because their Restless-esque neo-stylings were played so fast, even on record, never...
Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (28 May 2007)
REVIEW by Arjan Deelen, Denmark. Robert Gordon doing Elvis Presley sounds like a natural. People have been asking for it since Robert's Private Stock days, but Robert was always afraid of being tagged another "impersonator". Over the years, he has sporadically done Elvis covers, and they served as tantalising glimpses of what we could expect...
Chris Casello
Submitted by howardraucous (13 May 2007)
Magnificent guitar playing from Chris Casello on a varied set featuring full-on Rockabilly, Western Swing, Santo & Johnny style instos and many other guitar-led roots-rockin' styles. The performances are impeccable, and Chris proves himself as a strong singer too. He has also surrounded himself with top-notch musicians including members of The Starlight Wranglers and Legendary Shack...
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