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Hayden Thompson
Submitted by raveonreviews (16 August 2007)
Best known for “Love My Baby” on Phillips International in 1957, Hayden Thompson released his first country LP on Kapp in 1966. Here's Hayden Thompson, which included such enduring self-penned compositions as "Sixteen Dollars Eighty-Eight Cents" and "I Wanna Get Home,” is undiscovered gem that has somehow escaped reissue. Fortunately, Bluelight executive producer’s Mika Myyrylainen’s...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
Earlier we received a review of another album in this series called 'Great Rockabilly', which can be viewed here. This is a double CD of really early British Rock 'n' Roll with some of obscure songs and names from the 1950s to current times. Don't underestimate this compilation - there are over 60 tracks from...
Rebels Revenge / Foggy Mountain Rockers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
A live album featuring perfomances of two top Teddy Boy style Rock 'n' Roll bands. One wild gig, 25 songs with plenty of guitar twanging and rockin' double bass. The live atmosphere gives all the songs a special edge, that little bit extra that makes live concerts the best place to be for rockin'...
The Firebirds
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
Fresh from the factory and already available to order this new album of fabulous Doo Wop songs from The Firebirds! The album starts with 'Dance Girl Dance', a cool uptempo track and continues with more and more songs beautifully sung and played by the band. This album is collection mixing together classic and lesser-known songs. ...
Runnin' Wild
Submitted by kitti (03 August 2007)
Well, here's another one I like very much, Part Records sure knows how to pick 'em! This silver platter is gonna make it to the glove compartment of my car, and that means it's gonna accompany me on those long dull car trips. Really, this Runnin' Wild album is great music for the road, but also...
Dimaggio Bros.
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
This album is just bursting with sweet sound of American music, hot string picking & revved up guitar playing - I can listen to Marco's playing all day long. Several styles get packed in this album, including Johnny Cash and Elvis sounds, which all have one thing in common - a melody. Maybe some tracks...
Hillbilly Casino
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
If you are into high energy American music, Reverend Horton Heat and Brian Setzer style, then this album will stay in your CD player for a really long time! It's fast 'n' mean rockabilly with great vocals from Nic Roulette (ex Blue Moon Boys) and lyrics written with a pinch of salt. Recorded in...
Flatfoot Shakers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
Traditional rockabilly band from Australia, who in their 10 year existence gained a big following over the world and played at pretty much every big rockabilly event in Europe and America. So this album is sort of "best of", tracks taked from their previous albums and compilations, 'Chick Boom' (1999), 'Shakin' Tonight'(2000), 'High Heeled Lovin'...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival celebrated it's 10 year with a sold out show. Again the best bands from all over the world gathered in one place - Las Vegas. This CD is a musical representation of bands who were rockin' & boppin' at the event. 26 tracks from 18 bands make for...
The Clothes, The Cars And The Music
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
A DVD which celebrates Rockabilly and the retro rockin' culture, filmed by Mic Dixon during the last years 10th Rockabilly Rave and Hotrod/Classic car convention called The Hotrod Hayride in England. There are many performances from top Rockabilly artists, together with interviews of regular guys and gals who follow the scene, share their opinions...
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