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Various Artists
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (30 September 2007)
20 smashing rockabilly tracks make this brilliant compilation. The CD starts with The Woodchoppers' "45 Men in A Telephone Booth", an uptempo semi doo wop number, which just reflects the feeling of all compilation. This is followed by Rockin' Carbonara's version of Johnny Burnette's classic 'Rockabilly Boogie'. After this boppin' tune, girls can enjoy...
Wildkats, The
Submitted by kitti (30 September 2007)
The Wildkats is very popular name among rock’n’roll bands, but the music they play is not the same. This four-piece band is from North West of England. I would describe them as a standard band with standard choice of instruments and the list of standard rock’n’roll songs. Unfortunately all of 15 compositions are...
Mark Gamsjager And The Lustre Kings
Submitted by kitti (21 September 2007)
Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings is a four-piece American band. “Way Out There” is their fourth album, which is very well presented and produced. It consists of 11 tracks; only some of them are kind of originals (“Empty Town” and “Just About Through With You” were not exactly written by the band, but Mark Gamsjager...
J.p. Mcdermott And Western Bop
Submitted by gatorrock (05 September 2007)
A fantastic debut album that proves what the Washington D.C.-area honky-tonk crowd already knows -- J.P. is for real. McDermott can really sing and the band really rocks. It's easy to tell a lot of hard work and love for the music went into this. J.P.'s acoustic guitar drives the train and Bob Newscaster's lead guitar...
Carl And The Rhythm All Stars
Submitted by kitti (01 September 2007)
I want to invite you on a journey down the traditional rockabilly "river" with the debut CD of Carl and the Rhythm All Stars. Just insert this CD and close your eyes - from the first tune you will feel the stream bringing you to the roots of rock'n'roll. The double bass (Renaud Cans)...
Mack Self
Submitted by raveonreviews (30 August 2007)
This comprehensive collection covers all of Mack Self’s Sun and Phillips International recordings, and compiles rare tracks for the Zone label including "That Mexican Limbo," and the bittersweet "You Put These Tears in My Eyes." Like the other entries in the Sun Years series, listeners are treated to interesting outtakes that bring us closer to the...
Full Blown Cherry
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (27 August 2007)
Philadelphia rockabilly band pays tribute to the one of the greatest punk bands of our times 'The Ramones'. The album consist of mainly the biggest hits, but with a new rockin' arrangemnts from the band. Pretty much acoustic sound with a punchy double bass and a guitar that is a joy to listen to. Full...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (27 August 2007)
It's the first album by this British band, but they are no newcomes to rockin' rhythms as the lead vocalist and harmonica player was tearing dance floors at the scene in the 1990s with 'the Backbeats'. Also the band's double bass player Choppy doesn't need any introduction. Ian, the lead guitar player, works in...
Darrel Higham And The Enforcers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (27 August 2007)
This latest (7th) album by Darrel and the Enforcers starts with a great version of Elvis's 'Gonna Get Back Home Somehow'. The backing vocals and uptempo tune just sets the CD to a high standard. And it only gets better, as Darren rocks the strings playing 'I'm On Fire', 'This is the Night' etc....
R.j. And The Phantoms
Submitted by kitti (20 August 2007)
So what's the rumor? Let me tell you the story... Hans Nelemans (aka Reuben James or RJ) from Red Shots and Russian rockabilly band the Phantoms met for the first time at Valga Cruisin' (Estonia) in July 2004. The guys were impressed with each others performances and after some visits by RJ to Saint-Petersburg...
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