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Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
Submitted by kitti (14 December 2009)
Blast from the past. Sonny Burgess and his band are back in the scene! During last ten years they have been touring all over the world and making records (this one is their their album since 20 years break). “The Legendary Pacers” is the original band of Sonny Burgess, who used to be called just “The...
Starline Rhythm Boys
Submitted by kitti (27 February 2010)
The next band in the line to be judged is rockabilly trio the Starline Rhythm Boys, from Vermont (where you can see them playing live almost every weekend). The record is clear and very professional. Addition of applauses, yelling and cheers makes the cd even more “live”. The strongest point of the band –...
Ted Stevens
Submitted by rockinev (09 April 2013)
All the songs on this album are self penned which is always a good sign in my mind as the band are actually not relying on the standards we all hear too often. This album gets off to a fairly lively start with the title track a solid rock n roll and cars song seems to...
Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (01 February 2007)
This rockabilly rumble boasts modern, powerful production which crashes way beyond the boundaries of authenticity, and shows why Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns following is only partly made up of the bequiffed. the lyrics and the pulsating rhythms are pure rockabilly - but the delivery is far more powerful than any kind of 50s retro,...
The Clothes, The Cars And The Music
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
A DVD which celebrates Rockabilly and the retro rockin' culture, filmed by Mic Dixon during the last years 10th Rockabilly Rave and Hotrod/Classic car convention called The Hotrod Hayride in England. There are many performances from top Rockabilly artists, together with interviews of regular guys and gals who follow the scene, share their opinions...
The Groove Diggers
Submitted by rockinev (29 September 2012)
They describe themselves as Real, Raw Rockabilly and the Groove Diggers certainly deliver on all three counts. A four piece from the UK they bring a genuine authentic feel with the album recording on vintage equipment. This gives a honesty to the feel of things sometimes the vocals are lost a bit in the...
The Hellbound Hepcats
Submitted by simoncaldwell (23 October 2012)
Growing up as a kid in the 1980'ss, my father would frequently play records from his youth: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry to name a few. It was what I knew music to be: raw yet warm, wild yet influential, but above all talented and memorable. I still remember the warm sound...
The Honky Tonk Pounders
Submitted by rockinev (15 June 2011)
Devil Bop, this should make all you saints and sinners bop! Terrific 50’s style rockabilly performed by this three piece unit from Germany Absolutely great musicianship is the order of the day and a great knack for song writing. All their own tunes, these are infectious bopping tracks that make this one of the best...
The Midniters
Submitted by planetx2018 (31 August 2018)
Planet X has just released a new Midniters album Terror Incognito. This is their first album for nearly 30 years and a rehash of past glory from the days playing with The Stray Cats and manic nights at the Hammersmith's Klubfoot this is not. This collection of new material has 12 songs containing...
The Palomars
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
A new band to me, from Vancouver in Canada a three piece have released an a competent first CD rockabilly with a nice slice of western swing and steel guitar giving a new slant to some of the covers including Paralyzed and a great rendition of Pink and Black. Mix in some strong originals...
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