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Redline Rockets
Submitted by kitti (04 September 2009)
The newly released CD by Denver rock’n’roll band starts from train whistle, inviting you on board of the rockin’ Readline Rocket train. Its “conductor” is promising a lot of dancing, shaking and rockin’ during this long ride (with not less, but 20 tracks... eleven of which are original compositions). Good written self-penned songs mixed with...
Slapbacks, The
Submitted by kitti (19 August 2009)
There are some funny facts about that band: they are quite often (probably by mistake or just that venues want to attract more visitors) are named on posters as a band from Australia… and the second – they quite often are invited for Teddy Boy Festivals. Both facts are quite strange, because this band certainly doesn’t...
Carlos Jiménez
Submitted by kitti (13 August 2009)
The cover of Carloss Jiménez, unfortunately, is not that informative, though from the whole design you can recognize that it must be a Spanish singer. But let’s get in and listen if the soul is having something in common with the look. The first opinion is that the recordings are too raw and need...
Al Willis And The New Swingsters
Submitted by kitti (11 August 2009)
Let’s get right to the point: this is one of the finest modern recordings I have heard lately. To be honest, when I saw the statement New Band, New Album on the new Crazy Times record label, I was quite in a critical mood already before listening. Cd cover is very good looking and professionally...
Tumblin’ Go-go’s, The
Submitted by kitti (06 August 2009)
The fourth album of Dutch band, which calls their own style powerbilly has, in my opinion, more power than billly. Hard sound reminds me more of psycho than rockabilly (oh, it was probably wrong article which describe them as 50s rockabilly band). For those who didn’t meet those guys, I will make fast introduction: the band...
Four Star Combo, The
Submitted by kitti (06 August 2009)
Self-released promo cd of American band “Four Star Combo” is ready to be judged. Unfortunately it doesn’t have that much information about the band itself (neither myspace profile of this combo); but it has five songs on it, which I would call quite a good promotion. Good recordings and also playing. Two songs “Wait a Minute,...
Little Esther And Her Tinstars
Submitted by dutch (05 August 2009)
I know Little Esther and the Tinstars already for a very long time. Twenty years ago they had two different acts. Esther sang in The legendary Bugaloos and The Tinstars were rocking their brains out on every party. After Rick and Esther got married and Esther’s career seemed to go slow she hooked up with her...
Finn And The Sharks
Submitted by kitti (04 August 2009)
Here I have got a cd from year 2007 by a fine band from New York, Finn and the Sharks. Playing together more than 30 years, the band have formed their own sound, which unites all American roots music. With this cd you’ll get coctail of blues, rock’n’roll and country… sometimes with some heavy, rock sparkle....
Unkool Hillbillies, The
Submitted by kitti (16 July 2009)
This is one of those cds which make you happy, make you dance, make you smile and move hips. If you are big fan of hillbilly, don’t be mislead, this cd has nothing to do with hillbilly itself! It says it contains 18 Red Hot Tracks, and they are not lying! It really has...
Finn & The Sharks
Submitted by hankabilly (13 July 2009)
This New York band merges punk, with a Teddy Boy, rockabilly sound. Breakfast Special, released in 2008, contains 18 original recordings from the beginning of the eighties, a more recent version of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and a bonus track. The opener Rockabilly Bop is just that: a rockabilly bop song, including background vocals. The second...
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