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The Palomars
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
A new band to me, from Vancouver in Canada a three piece have released an a competent first CD rockabilly with a nice slice of western swing and steel guitar giving a new slant to some of the covers including Paralyzed and a great rendition of Pink and Black. Mix in some strong originals...
The Pirates
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (26 January 2007)
This disc is a slight change from the norm.. Since i first entered into the rockin' scene way back in the late 1970's, one of my all time favourite bands was Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. Sadly, Johnny Kidd died in a car accident on the 7th october 1966 on the a56 not far from bury....
The Radium Cats
Submitted by rockinbones (04 May 2007)
The Radium Cats bring together a melting pot of influences from Gene Vincent and the Stray Cats to the Cramps and serves it up in style. Whether boppin' or wreckin' you can't go wrong with Six Feet Down and Well I Knocked and if you don't want robbie Williams playing at your funeral then Pink Hearse...
The Rockats
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Some cats got it...In my first-hand estimation, the Rockats and Robert Gordon prowled the crest of the 70s/80s revival wave. So it's only fitting that in 2014 they all located at Lanark Records - their presence at the surging upstart imprint elevating it in importance. The original 'Cats are here - world-class singer Dibbs...
The Starline Rhythm Boys
Submitted by rockinev (30 April 2012)
These guys play rockabilly in the style that the world first heard it well over 50 years ago, 3 guys 2 guitars and a stand up bass and it still sounds invigorating and edgy when played as well as this. This is rockabilly with vocal harmony and acoustic styling of the time when people...
The Tremors
Submitted by kitti (09 March 2008)
Well, I have got the Tremors CD here. “Invasion of the Saucermen” was produced by the Tremors / Brain Drain Records. I wanna say that the guys made a proper and professional promotion! Very nicely packed and has all necessary material in it. But a cover with the monsters though already gave me...
The Tumblin Go Gos
Submitted by rockinev (09 April 2013)
Presented with a cigarette in the spine of the jewel case you kinda get the idea where this band are going before you put the disc into the slot. Hold tight because as you start this you’re in for a rip roaring ride through the manic world of the Tumblin Go Go’s full on...
The Western Spaghetti
Submitted by rockinev (05 November 2012)
This is a very difficult review for me the album is completely recorded in Italian of which I know nothing. However what I can say and why I decided to review at all is because this album Rocks!! The sound is fantastic whether you understand the lyrics or not. Rockabilly fused with a great...
Thee Flanders
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
Thee Flanders continue to bring forth their punkabilly from hell with this storming CD mini-album. Here they choose to perform cover-versions (including mad sin, the stray cats and die arzte) in their punkabilly style, with Mad Sin frontman kofte making a guest appearance. Also includes a bonus video track....
Tin Cans
Submitted by kitti (13 January 2010)
I have never seen the Tin Cans live, but have heard the name many times. And it is understandable: they are touring all around Europe and they are on the rock’n’roll stage more than 10 years… and like the cd says - “Still Rockin!” To be honest, and maybe not very polite, the cover seems...
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