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Wanda Jackson Way in Oklahoma City

24 June 2009
Rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson could soon have an alley in Oklahoma City named in her honor.

Last Tuesday the Oklahoma City Council has proposed dubbing the unnamed alley "Wanda Jackson Way." The alley runs parallel to the canal in the Bricktown entertainment district, just to the south.

Jackson would follow rock band The Flaming Lips in having an alley named after her. All...

See you all at Rockabilly Rave!

18 June 2009
Lately Rockabilly Bash was not updated that enthusiastically like it was before, because we are a little bit too busy with organizing our festival. Now more or less everything is set. So we will be back and try to find interesting news and make reviews of cd's you sent us.

Though... tomorrow Rockabilly Rave is starting and we are heading there for four days. Again...

New rockabilly band in Latvia

13 June 2009
The Baltic States rock'n'roll legend Pete Anderson formed a new rockabilly band in Latvia.

His wife Anna has spent more than half a year learning the tough slap technique on the upright bass with hot & strong desire to join the band as a full-time member.

Thanks to the appearance of the confederates sharing the same interests in music - two young,...

Jazz saxophonist Sam Butera dies

08 June 2009
Family friends said Butera died on the 3rd June at about 6 a.m. at Sunrise Hospital, where he had been since early January suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's Disease. In August he would have been 82.

Butera was a tenor saxophone player best noted for his collaborations with Louis Prima and Keely Smith. Butera is frequently regarded as a crossover artist who performed with...

The end of Rockabilly music on the BBC

04 June 2009
The only Rock'n'Roll / Rockabilly show on BBC national radio is about to be cancelled.

The award-winning program Mark Lamarr's Shake Rattle & Roll has run for over a decade with a huge audience. It makes no sense to drop it from the schedules.

You can do your bit to help. Check out the campaign website at

Jim Reeves is in top 10 on the BBC Radio 1

30 May 2009
CD album "The Very Best Of Jim Reeves" climbed to the number 8 position on the BBC Radio 1 'Top 40'!

It entered the prestigious BBC Radio 1 'Top 40' charts on 17 May and right away took position 9. It has been a very long time ago since a Jim Reeves album made it to such an important chart.

Some months...

New EP with Ray Campi out now

30 May 2009
New release on Sleazy Records (Spain) "Jungle Tigers featuring Ray Campi: Apeman Boogie" is out now.

It has four tracks (which were recorded in 2005-2006): My Heart Is Achin' For You and Rockabilly Boogie on side A plus Apeman Boogie and Tennessee Rock & Roll on side B. On two of those songs Ray Campi is singing lead....

"Hopped-Up" - the European hot rod scene in photos

22 May 2009
June 2009 sees, after five years of research that have taken the Berlin photographer around the whole of Europe, the release of David Biene’s photography collection ‘Hopped-Up’. From an insider’s point of view, ‘Hopped-Up’ portrays the European hot rod scene: the American ‘lifestyle’ of the ‘40s and ‘50s, the rock ‘n’ roll, the old-timers – all lovingly laid out alongside the excitement of rockabillies in hot...

Elvis is now on the iPhone

22 May 2009
With Elvis Mobile, now you can travel the world with the king of rock 'n' roll on your iPhone. You can share your Elvis sightings, view rare pictures of Elvis and video from Graceland that is updated weekly or keep an eye on the most famous home in the world with 24/7. You can download it free, just search your iPhone app store for "Elvis Mobile."

Double bass workshop with Didi Beck at Walldorf Weekender

21 May 2009
In cooperation with Session Musik, the publishing company Artist Ahead and of course Didi Beck, we set up a double bass workshop at the Walldor Weekend (which will start on the 30th of May). The workshop is for beginners and advanced learners!

But please notice: the workshop will be completely in german, of course Didi will try to explain things in english, but the workshop...

Blue Caps Guitars on Auction

19 May 2009
Since yesterday The Blue Caps Guitars are for auction. These are the one that were used from 1980 till present. They were also custom made for the group by Leo Fender himself. The Red Caviler was used by Johnny Meeks until just last month. The White Caviler was used by Paul Peek until his death, and the Blue Toro Bass was used by Bobby. The red,...

The British pop history movie "Telstar" in cinemas since June 19

17 May 2009
Set against a background of early 60's London, Telstar is the story of the world's first independent record producer, Joe Meek. A maverick genius enjoyed phenomenal early success with Telstar - the biggest selling record of its time - before bad luck, depression, heartbreak and paranoia forced him into murder and sicide. He is already an iconic figure in the world of British pop. Far from...

Catch That Rockabilly Fever will be available for sale in Fall 2009

15 May 2009
Catch That Rockabilly Fever (by Sheree Homer): Personal Stories of Life on the Road and in the Studio will be available for sale in Fall 2009, way ahead of schedule. It usually takes nine to fifteen months to publish at McFarland, but they are already working on the cover art and told it will be featured in the fall catalog.

Dor more info check...

Starline Rhythm Boy is back to life

13 May 2009
The guitarist Big Al Lemery of Vermont's favorite rockabilly band, the Starline Rhythm Boys, had collapsed during a gig Friday at Red Square.

But know we got to know, that Big Al is OK. Al, who has had some blood-pressure issues in the past, went to the hospital and had some tests done, but Danny Coane (front man of SRB) says nothing was found...

Dita Von Teese dating young French aristocrat

11 May 2009
Dita Von Teese is dating a French aristocrat 11 years her junior.

The burlesque dancer - who is divorced from goth rocker Marilyn Manson - is enjoying a romance with 25-year-old Count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, whose parents are fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Catherine de Castelbajac.

A source close to Dita, 36, said: "She seems really happy with him. The age gap doesn't...

The Slapbacks got into a car crash

10 May 2009
The Austrian rockabilly band The Slapbacks had a bad car crash last Thursday on the way to Munich, where they scheduled to play the 5th anniversary at the Peppermint Lounge. 20 miles before they reached the bar the car slid over the whole highway with full speed and crashed into the roadside. Several rollovers later it hit a tree and landed on the roof.

New Duke Bardwell Documentary

09 May 2009
The renewed interest in Duke Bardwell, who played bass for Elvis at 181 shows in the mid-70s, has now resulted in a new American documentary being produced about him. Titled “Bayou Country”, it’s centered around a classic song that Duke wrote, but of course his association with Elvis and other artists like José Feliciano, Tom Rush and Kenny Loggins are also explored.

In this clip,...

Patrick Ouchene lost his voice in St.Petersburg

08 May 2009
Last Sunday, 3rd of May, Patrick had a gig in a small retro-bar in St.Petersburg "Chert Poberi". It was such a furious and "crazy" gig (if you have ever played in Russia and have Russian friends around you, you can imagine how it was), that during the second show in St.Petersburg, which took place two days after, Patrick appeared to be totally without voice. He...

Changes in line up of Wayne "The Train" Hancock's band

06 May 2009
There are some minor changes in the band of Wayne "The Train" Hancock recently.

James Hunnicutt is taking over as lead guitarist. James is singer/songwriter/musician & producer from Washington State and brings with him a vast knowledge of music experience and the band is thrilled he will be taking a seat in the van and hitting the road with them.

Also Bob Hoffnar is...

Triton & Cafe Racer Day in Ace Cafe will be filmed for the Discovery Channel

05 May 2009
Always a highlight on the cafe's calendar, this years Triton & Cafe Racer Day will again feature DJ The Rocketeer playing tracks from his unique collection of British Rock n' Roll, British Beat and Rock n' Roll classics from noon to 6pm on Sunday 28th June.

With prizes being awarded at 5pm for the Best British, American, Japanese and European cafe racers, from the...
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