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News » Three Bad Jacks fire back at Phoenix, Rebel Lounge

Three Bad Jacks fire back at Phoenix, Rebel Lounge

02 March 2016
The Rebel Lounge is hoping to reopen Thursday, five days after L.A. rockabilly trio Three Bad Jacks doused the floor at the foot of the stage with rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid and set it on fire two or three songs into their performance. The fire set the venue's sprinkler system off, flooding the room and causing water damage.

Three Bad Jacks responded to online criticism of their actions with a Facebook post: "Phoenix you have proven to be some of the meanest people on the face of the earth."

The post went on to point out that the venue hadn't paid them for the show at which they set the sprinklers off while claiming that the venue's owner "has been fully aware of our show for 15 years" and that one of the bartenders who worked that night had worked their shows before.

This was apparently to counter claims made in a statement issued by the Rebel Lounge: "Three Bad Jacks did not have permission to use fire. They did not ask anyone at The Rebel Lounge for permission nor would any such permission have been granted. We have since learned that this band has had prior incidents of using fire in their set after explicitly being told not to do so."
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