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News » Booking Office of Cruise Inn is changing the "owner"

Booking Office of Cruise Inn is changing the "owner"

25 June 2010
Maurits, the bands booking agent of rock'n'roll cafe Cruise Inn (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), will be moving to the United States soon. that is why he can not do the band bookings for the Cruise Inn any longer.

As the most trustful and social person to go on with this hard work was chosen Tony Everaert (one of the organisers of Belium Drive-Inn Barn festival).

At the moment he is in a transition period and until the end of September Maurits and Tony will be doing this together.

"The Cruise Inn has been in my life since 1982 and I've always enjoyed doing the works I've done for many years together with all my other rockin' friends who kept the institution alive! A concept of volunteers that kept a true 50s Rock & Roll café alive all these years cannot be found anywhere on this planet" - says Maurits. "I know I'm gonna miss this place, all my friends and especially my family but I met two wonderful human beings and I know they will give me all the love, support and strength I need to emigrate to California".

We all will miss Maurits, but Cruise Inn still stays the same and will keep the proud name of "The Best Rock'n'roll place in Holland"... That is, actully, why our Rockabilly Bash is taking place there! ;)
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