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News » United project of The Caravans and The Rhumba Kings

United project of The Caravans and The Rhumba Kings

06 March 2009
Mark Penington from the UK's legendary neo-rockabilly band "The Caravans" is going to perform unplugged versions from the albums "Smashed and Stripped Bare" and "Return To Zero" together with Mark Sprex from "The Rhumba Kings" on slap bass and a drummer.
For many years Mark Penington and Mark Sprex wanted to work on a music project together, but busy touring schedules with their own bands, could not give them this opportunity. Until now!
Already back in early 2007 they made plans to get a side project together on the tracks, now two years later the train is finally rolling.
The trio will feature Mark Penington on semi-acoustic guitar/lead vocals and Mark Sprex on slap bass/backing vocals, plus also a drummer which may change from gig to gig depending on the availability.
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