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The Tonemasters -

A spledid trio from England!

Trashy Tart -

The resource for rockabilly clothing, rockabilly purses and just plain old greaser culture

Daddy Zero -

The finest rockabilly clothing, punk clothing, goth, punk, baby items for your punk rock baby, and much more.

Jungle Tigers, The -

An excellent band from Germany!

Maggie's Blue Suede News -

A colourful, splendid and interesting magazine, in which information about rockabilly scene in England and also elsewhere.

Vivien Holloway -

Online vintage clothing store from London

Jiveartuk -

Rockabilly greetings cards

Blue Suede News -

Rock'n'roll magazine from Canada/USA. Covers the entire spectrum of American Roots Music.

Teddy & The Tigers -

Teddy Boy band from Finland

Rockabilly Dynamite -

Rockabilly Dynamite Clothing and Accessories

Ace Cafe London -

Rock'n'roll cafe in London, UK

Fashion Era -

1950s Fashion History, Costume History & 50s Social History

Vintage Hair Archives -

Unique library of beautiful hairstyles from past generations

Rockabilly Hairstyles -

How to create rockabilly hairstyles plus articles about rockabilly clothing ad\nd music

Starliters, The -

Hillibilly Bop, Rockabilly, Western Swing from Italy

Marco Da Silva & Midnighters -

Traditional rock'n'roll from Italy

Taggy Tones -

Rock'n'roll from Denmark

Jime, The -

Rockabilly from Denmark

Sanny And The Guilds -

Rockabilly band from Belgium

Lennerockers, The -

Neo-rockabilly from Germany

Jailbirds, The -

Rock-n-roll from Germany

Foggy Mountain Rockers -

Rock'n'Roll band from Germany

Whistle Bait -

Rock'n'roll / swing band from Finland

Hi-Fly Rangers -

Traditional rockabilly trio from Finland (formed by Vesa Haaja)

Jack Baymoore & The Bandits -

Rockabilly from Sweden

Wildkats. The -

Rock'n'Roll band from North West England

Matchbox -

Teddy Boy rock'n'roll band from UK

Jets, The -

Neo-rockabilly from UK

Darrel Higham -

Official website

Carlos & The Bandidos -

Rock'n'Roll band from UK

Alex Valenzi And The Hida-a-way Cats -

Rockabilly from Brazil

Flatfoot Shakers -

Rockabilly from Australia

Haywire -

Rockabilly from USA

Gin Palace Jesters -

Honky tonk, boogie and rockabilly from USA

Deke Dickerson And The Ecco-fonics -

Rockabilly from USA

Marti Brom -

The official webpage

Ray Campi -

Rockabilly bass player

Lew Williams -

Official website

Stray Cats -

Official Website

Chet Atkins -

"Mister Guitar" (Latest news, discography, "when I met Chet", bios, guitar links...)
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