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Lost Hound
Date of Publication -12 September 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Lost Hound
Category: Modern Bands
Country: the Netherlands
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Lost Hound was farmed in 1998. Vocalist and guitar player Jan de Boer and double-bass player Peter Bosma wanted to start a rockabilly band. They found a drummer Wim Ellerman and played together for two years. In 2000 Wim left Lost Hound and his place took Max de Vries. The same year steel guitar player Koen Geurts also joined the band. With a new linup Lost Hound's neo-rockabilly style has changed into a more hillbilly / western swing. And the audience have really enjoyed their new sound. Four months later the band performed with a big success at the National Student-bands Award. They won this contest and were given the opportunity to record their own CD, which was released in June 2001.

Soon the band was asked to perform at Rock and Roll street, Terschelling, The audience as well as organizers were very enthousiastic.

In 2002 the band performed at two Swedish festivals - the A-bombers Springparty (in Uddevalla) and the Hot Rock Riot (in Jonkoping). They also played at the D-day festival in the Cruise-inn, Amsterdam and the Country-festival at Texel, the Netherlands.

In February 2003 they recorded thire second CD. Joost van Es (fiddle) and Jeroen Jongejan (piano player) were guest-musicians. The reviews were evry postive and the title track “This game is wrong” was one of the most- played songs at “Omrop Fryslan”, the provincial radio station.
As the guys like competitions they signed up for the contest “De Kleine prijs van Sneek”, a contest for bands from the province of Friesland, and took the third place!

In 2003 the band also successfully performed at “Rockin’ around Turnhout” (Belgium), Bedrock Weekender (Denmark), “Country festival Skjak” (Norway), and also at some other festivals in the Netherlands and Sweden.
In March 2004, Koen left the band and was successfully replaced by Sierk Andela.

Lost Hound is a band that plays a mixture of western swing, jazz and rockabilly. Their main influences are Gene O’Quinn, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Red Foley and other 40’s and 50’s greats!

They has been performing at festivals, small and bigger clubs, whore-houses (!) and dancing-halls etc. And all their shows are full of enthusiasm and a lot of energy! So you must see the band live!!

Band Members

Jan de Boer - Electric Guitar & Lead Vocals
Peter Bosma - Double Bass, Vocals
Sierk Andela - Lap Steel
Max de Vries - Drums


This Game is Wrong(2003)
M.C. Schaaf Studios
Guest musicians:
Jeroen Jongejan - Piano
Joost van Es - Fiddle
Lost Hound(2001)
M.C. Schaaf Studios
Guest musicians:
Annita Langereis - Vocals
Joost van Es - Fiddle

Band Photos

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Lost Hound
Album: The Game Is Wrong
Song: The Pinball Millionaire

Lost Hound
Album: The Game Is Wrong
Song: The Game Is Wrong


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