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Date of Publication -29 August 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland
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The Finnish rockabilly band Roadracers was formed in 2001 in Tampere by Hannu Kaarto and Antti Raulamo. Later Iikku Riepponen joined it as a bass player. Four years later, after a couple of gigs in Holland, drummer Jarno Saario also became one of the band.
Roadracers is mixture of hard beating slapbass and drums combination, tube radio guitar sounds and powerfull vocals.They know how to have fun on stage and their shows are always full of energy. They are very popular in Finland and people just love seeing them playing live!

The Roadracers are

Hannu Kaarto - Lead Vocals
Iikku Riepponen - Double Bass
Antti Raulamo - Guitar
Jarno Saario - Drums


Goofin' Records
V-8 Fever(2004)
Jungle Records
1000 copy EP

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