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Red Shots
Date of Publication -28 August 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Red Shots
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Netherlands
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The Red Shots started out in 1988 with only two members, Hans (aka Reuben James) & Eddy, playing on the streets of Utrecht. In 1989 Koos & Rogier joined the band. The early music of the Red Shots was skiffle with rockabilly influences. The audience liked the way they played and soon the Red Shots became very popular in Utrecht. Klaas Westerbeek from Tombstone Records produced their first record “Play My Boogie” in the summer of 1989. From that moment on the Red Shots have been touring all over Europe and USA.

In 1992 their second album “The Wild Bunch” was released. The music changed to rockabilly with rhythm and blues. Although the album was not as good as the previous one, the live performances had more success.

In the end of 1992, the band decided to split up. Rogier and Eddy wanted to start their own band and Hans started his own project.

Since 1999 the Red Shots ara back together but the members of the band have been changing and about a couple of years ago they finally got their permanent line-up:

Gerard Heijmeriks - Lead Guitar
Jos Visser - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Koos Nelemans - Drums
Hans Nelemans - Double Bass & Vocals

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The Wild Bunch(LP, 1992)
Tombstone Records
Play My Boogie(LP, 1989)
Tombstone Records
Texas Boogie(CD, 2001)
Rarity Records
Jubilee(CD Single, 2003)
Play That Boogie Again (2001)
Rarity Records
First two LP albums on one cd!

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Red Shots
Album: Jubilée
Song: My Little Sister Got A Motorbike

Red Shots
Album: Texas Boogie
Song: Louisiana Boogie


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