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Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars
Date of Publication -24 August 2007
Submitted by: slapbasswoody
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United Kingdom
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During the summer of 2007 we started work on what is considered to be our best album, “Wild ‘n’ Pretty”. We returned to our old stomping ground of “Western Star Records” with El Capitano, Alan Wilson at the helm. Released in May 2008 and with half of the tracks our own, it is by far the one of the best mixes of vintage and modern rockabilly. The songs are varied and there are some killer tracks, check out “Bluer Than Blue”, “I Want My Baby Now”, “Folsom Prison Bop”, “What I Did Wrong”, “You Gimme Lovin”, “The House Of The Rising Sun” and of course the title track. Its sound will appeal to people on the rockin’ scene and also to the more adventurous in the mainstream, looking for something wilder than the flat sounds of chart muzak.
This year we’re getting more National and International exposure than at any other time in our career. We’re getting excellent reviews for “Wild ‘n’ Pretty” in magazines on the scene and put that together with the press coverage we’re getting from around the globe and the ball is starting to roll. Top that off with massive plays on national and internet radio you’ve got the spark to start the flame.
On the rockin’ scene there are hundreds of top class bands completely unheard by the mainstream, playing the music and living Rock ‘n’ Roll now… today. Some of them are better musicians than us but what separates us from the rest, is simply …a passion, a spine tingling sensation that we create when we play, we know it and the audience know it. We play as if, this is our last gig, it’s not flat out and 180 mph, there is light and shade in the songs and the gigs. The music we play, sure, it’s based on 50’s songs and values but it’s played right now.
It’s basic, raw, not layered and looped, in other words, it lights a fire under you and blasts you into orbit. If you want music to chill to, don’t listen to us, if you want your music to move the very atoms in your body, we’re Rudy La Crioux and The All Stars, how do you do.
It’s an old cliché, Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die, well it won’t, we’re living proof of that. The only other music that has lasted longer is Mozart and his mates, you can’t give Mozart to the masses but you can give us.
I’ll guarantee if you put us on a stage, you’ll get the show of a lifetime, catch us in Europe and the UK this year and the States next year.
Viya condelios Amigos

Band Members

Russ (Rudy) Sear
Paul (Woody) Woodmansey
Ian (Rocky) Cumming
Barry (Baz) Lowe
Neil (Skinny) Fisher

Band/Artist Video


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Wild 'n' Pretty(2008)
Western Star
Bristol bar-hopping, hot-bopping wild-cats La Crioux and co kick up a classily creditable stink on this largely self-composed second Western Star album, at first appearances perhaps one more ideally suited to the ultra-aficionado. Though something of a stylistically strictured genre that can be accused of staying safe and not straying very far from shore, there’s plenty of leash-straining passion brewing up several storms over blueprints and blue caps( Russ Sear’s vocals frequently, though never detrimentally, sounding not unlike a whiskey-gargling Feargal Sharkey Gene Vincent), with expertise never resulting in stultifying, strait-laced performances. Nuances are subtle, as were Gram Parsons and the Byrds supposedly sacrilegious assaults on country music’s chastity belted treasures. As they freely admit in the sleeve slobber the big man in black doesn’t linger at the back, and along with a fine, mean-eyed, hackles-raised derailing of Folsom Prison away from the Blues and onto the Bop line, they add their own long black veil in the form of The Sheriff Man and an exhilarating chick-a-boom ghost ride tilt-a-tomb romp through House Of The Rising Sun. However, it’s the ever-failing , none-more fallen, lovelorn yet happ-rollin’ gambler of Bluer Than Blue and (I Don’t Know Why) She Makes Me Feel Blue, the high-rovin’ lover on You Gimme Lovin’ and awestruck title-track that make this a contender for current classic, as opposed to mere cult contender, over, above and soaked in its ribald, high-ballin’ spirits.
SG, Maverick Magazine, Issue 75, October 2008

As Played on Radio 2's Bob Harris show

Western Star Rockabillies Vol 3(2008)
Western Star
Another 20 pure Rockabilly tracks from the seemingly endless seem that is the Western Star goldmine of Rockabilly talent. Check out Vol''s 1 and 2 of this series.

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Let's Have a Ball(2000)
"This is a disc where the first song makes you second guess if you should have bought this but as soon as Rudy La Crioux starts belting out 'Crazy Little Mama' you know that you did well to get this disc as it is a raging slab of plastic that is simply awesome from tracks 2-24.
Rudy possesses great rough vocals that remind me of rockin' old timer Mickey Hawks. Every song is awesome with a good selection of covers. There are nice vocal harmonies where they are needed and steel guitar here and there, adding a hillbilly touch to a few songs. They even do a great version of stroll classic 'Bertha Lou' that would do Johnny Faire proud. This is an extremely talented group of musicians who are able to play these songs just like the original artists did. Totally solid musicianship and singing on each track with good clean recording that showcases every player very well.
Rudy and his Allstars pick tunes that represent the hard rockin' side to original rockabilly that people not into this scene wouldn't know about. This is one of those CDs that will stay in your changer for a while because it is so damn good!"

The Rockabilly Review
Nervous Records
The World Keeps Turning
Western Star
Rudy La Crioux & The All Stars got rolling at the end of '98.
They played frantically through '99 and released their self-financed demo CD, "Lets Have A Ball".
In 2000 they signed a deal with Spindrift Records to officially release the demo as a debut CD. 2002 kicked in like a hopped-up roadster in overdrive! Gigs came in fast and furious. Apart from the normal gigs, the band also supported legendary guitarist Scotty Moore at the Tennessee Club, plus a two-date support for The Comets, courtesy of Ritchie Gee. This recording started as an EP in late 2003, but developed into an album containing covers and featuring for the first time, songs written and produced by the band.
Hitting off with a cover of Little Jimmy Dickens' "Hole In My Pocket", you just know you're in for a treat with this follow up to the band's (already) terrific debut album. The lead guitar sounds as if all strings are strung just a little to tight, and it jumps right out of the speakers.
The distinguished voice of Rudy la Crioux (real name Russ Sear) and the fact that it was recorded at Alan Wilson's Western Star Studios sets this album apart from many contemporary releases.
Russ Sear's own "Lonely, Sad and Blue" is just superb, it sounds as authentic as anything recorded in the 50s, and you just can't escape the feeling that it was a standard for many years. Very well done! Then there are great renditions of Al Ferrier's "Let's Go Boppin' Tonight", Gene Criss' "Hep Cat Baby" and "Carzy Blues" (Bill Blevins I think). Another original is "You In My Heart", inspired a little bit by the sound of Buddy Holly. Perkins' "Movie Magg" is done the classic way and T. Texas Tyler's "Shake 'em Up Rock" also has that great authentic sound.
A couple more originals, all written by Russ Sear, "Falling For You Baby", "Get Over You" (with a neo touch) and "The Marrying Kind". Sonny Fisher's "Rockin' Daddy" has always been one of my favorites, and given The All Stars treatment, it sounds greater than ever. Another superb Western Star release, with all original lyrics included in the liner notes.

Reviewed By The Blackcat

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Beer 'n' Bourbon
Foot Tapping Records
Much more than a gig souvenir, this CD likely to be snapped up by rockin’ fans who have never seen the ultra-busy west country outfit at club level.

This is thanks to a fine production job by Darrel Higham, who knows a thing or two about getting that authentic sound down on shiny, and the growing writing talents of front man of the band, Russ Sear. Of the fourteen standards and obscurities, Russ has written three, and they fit precisely with the rest of the cuts, suggesting the combo could fill a CD with originals if they chose to.

The rest of the band, Ian Rocky Cumming, on rhythm Barry Barrence Lowe, on lead and steel guitar Neil Slim Fisher on drums and Paul Woody Woodmansey on bass, all supply appropriate backing vocals on revivals of such tracks as Roc Larue’s Baby Take Me Back, Johnny Horton’s Honky Tonk Man and Ray Harris’ Green Back Dollar, and Russ’ lead vocals have the right degree of authority.

Of Russ’ three originals, two feature booze heavily. Is there something we should be told? But, seriously, another fine CD to enhance their reputation as a hard working and entertaining band.

JH UK Rock March 2007
Western Star Rockabillies Vol 1
Western Star
Included are tracks by renown artists such as Bill Fadden, The Blue J's and Mystery Gang Trio, who are already listed in our Hall of Fame.

Especially Hungarian band Mystery Gang Trio is now on top of my favorite-list, since they impressed the hell out of me at the Rumburk Rumble.
Both JD & The Chasers and The Heartbeats deliver 2 great tracks each with a steady beat. The album also contains a few alt versions for the hardcore collectors, and Rudy La Crioux's demo version of Al Ferrier's "Let's Go Boppin' Tonight" is a cool treat.

Moon Mullican's "Wedding Of The Bugs" is gracefully covered by Howlin' Wilson (no one less than Alan himself).
Western Star Rockabillies Vol 2
Western Star
Another fantastic compilation from the Western Star Stables.

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Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 October 2008)
THE JOURNEY ON THE LOST HIGHWAY During the summer of 2007 we started work on what is considered to be our best album, “Wild ‘n’ Pretty”. We returned to our old stomping ground of “Western Star Records” with El Capitano, Alan Wilson at the helm. Released in May 2008 and with half of the tracks our...


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