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Red Hot
Date of Publication -08 August 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland
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Red Hot was founded in 1995. After a few rehersal sessions the guys had their first gig in Helsinki July 14th 1997, the venue was held the "biggest beer terrace" festival at the eastcenter mall. First recording session took place in June 6th & 7th 1998 in Helsinki. The sound engineer was Juha Jokiranta, the man that Red Hot has trusted all the way, up to the latest album. This 8 song selfproduced mini CD called "Almost Live '98'" was released in October 1998.

In April 2000 Red Hot performed at Rockabilly Hall of Fame museums ground braking festival at Jackson Tennessee and was the only band from Europe to participate the venue (Marco DiMaggio was also there but without a band...). The band was treated with a great hospitality in Jackson, not to mention they got a whole a lot of new friends from the legends of Rock n Roll, The Comets, The Crickets, Rocky Burnette, Paul Burlison, W.S. Holland, D.J. Fontana, Memphis Mike, Marco Di Maggio, Brigitte Handley, Dempseys, Leslee "Bird" Andersson and many others.
This month the guys also performed in Las Vegas on the RABHOFs stage in 3rd annual Rockabilly Easter Weekend at Gold Coast Casino.

All guys from Red Hot have a passion for "motorbiking", so it's not suprising to see them at some major Harley-Davidson events. First of them was in Sweden Norrtälje Mc-Twin Club's annual Harley-Davidson party in June 2001. Another one in Finland has included Red Hot in their schedule twice, first was in Yyteri Pori in International Harley-Davidson Rally (July 13th 2003) with Robert Gordon and second time was in Himos HD-meeting in summer 2005.

As mentioned above, Red Hot has connection with their "spiritual tutor" Robert Gordon, they have had a honour to back him up several times so far. The very first time togeteher was in June 21st (2003) at the 72nd Rock'n'Roll Jamboree in Finland. Since then they have been backing Robert Gordon almost every time he is touring Europe.

In August 23rd (2003), Red Hot had the biggest event in their history - the opening for the Leningrad Cowboys (the showband from Finland). The venue was held in city center of Helsinki (senate square) with audience about 60.000 people.

In May 2004 Red Hot met the man who composed a song called Red Hot - Billy Lee Riley! They performed together in Helsinki on 8th of May. It was outstanding gig! A year later, Billy performed with Red Hot again in Finland (19th of November, 2005).

More than ten years Red Hot has been performing at small events as well as at the biggest festivals all over the World and consider to be one of the most professional and best band in Finland.

The band members are

Paul - vocals, guitar
Tommy - guitar
Lasse - bass
Pekka - drums


Jungle Records
Usual Thing(2000)
Bluelight Records
The album was recorded in September 25th - 29th (2000) by Juha Jokiranta and released in November 29th.

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Almost Live '98'(1998)
Selfproduced mini CD with 8 songs

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