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Saints & Sinners
Date of Publication -02 August 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Germany
Band/Artist Website:

Rock’n’Roll Band with demonic good songs and innocent smiles in their faces: These four guys from the Munich area have found their asskicking style somewhere between the powerful Rockabilly of Ronnie Dawson and the bluesy, pumping
groove of blues legends such as Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker. The fat guitar licks, the propulsive beat of the double-bass and the inventive playing of the drums are being led by a voice that’s, in opposite to the sinfully dirty basic sound, clear and calm and is confessing about the big and small vices of life.
Their Rock’n’Roll is traditional, but nevertheless sounds modern and up-to-date. Their musical open-mindedness shows in the Band’s melodic songwriting and extraordinary interpretations like Depeche Mode’s »Personal Jesus«.

In fall of 1999 Andreas and Harry met during a rehearsal of a 60’s garage-Beat-Surf-Band to help them playing a few gigs. Immediately they discovered their musical similarities which resulted in founding a new band in spring 2000 with bass man Roland.
Soon they made it from their rehearsal room to the stage, where they played together with bands such as »Space Cadets«, »Restless«, »Hot Boogie Chillun« and »Seatsniffers«. They played some club tours in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Norway, appeared at big festivals and recorded their first
(demo-)CD entitled »Welcome to the World of Saints and Sinners « in 2002. Their first album entitled »Bad Luck« was released on Bad Land Records in 2004. In May 2006 the original drummer Harry unfortunately left the band. He was replaced by crazy Chris Kaempfert, who also plays with “The Sunny Bottom Boys” and was a former member of “The Duetones”. With him the latest album “Sin and Redemption” was recorded, released in February 2007 on Bad Land Records. Since end of the year 2006 the band has been supported by saxophone-player Christian Bambauer of the swing-ska band “Black Cat Zoot”.

(thank you to The Saints & Sinners for preparing this article)


Bad Land Records
Track Listing:
Pick Up The Phone ~ Easy Come Easy Go - Gimme What I Want - Locomotive Breath - Sinner Not A Saint - She Is Away - You Spin Me Round - Chain On Your Leg - Friday Night - I Got Stung - Bitch On Duty.
BAD LUCK(2004)
Bad Land Records
Track Listing:
Rest In Peace - Norma Jeane - Rockabilly Highschool - Bad Luck - Short Dress - Drunk No More - Personal Jesus - Keep On Runnin' - Hot Lover - Big City Cowboy - Bad News - Buddy - She's A Shout - Waitin' Too Long - Whiskey Drink - Feelin' Sick.

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