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Fabulous Harmonaires
Date of Publication -25 July 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: U.S.A.

Meet The Fabulous Harmonaires

By 1998, doo-wop seemed all but forgotten. The sound that once drew screaming teenage fans by the thousands was now only occasionally heard on oldies radio. That's when vocalists Scotty Tecce and Mike Napodano decided it was time to bring genuine vocal harmony back into the spotlight where it belonged.

Born on the street corners of Dallas, Texas and molded in the tradition of their idols, Dion & the Belmonts, Scotty and Mike added the sweet voice of Jay Ragojo and the captivating falsetto of Omar Yee Foon to create the faithful sound of The Fabulous Harmonaires. The quartet went on to release "King of the World," a vinyl EP for Flipside Records, and received an overwhelming response at the Viva Las Vegas Weekender in 2000 and 2002. In 2004 the group added the bass vocals of Billy Kay to complete the authentic Doo-Wop sound.

With a line-up true to the music they love, the group has now produced a full-length CD, “Next Door to Heaven” on Crow Records, showing off their songwriting and arranging talents with 13 original songs and a couple of classics honoring their heroes. The recording has made its way to dance floors world-wide, exciting boppers, strollers, swing-dancers and lovers everywhere, while propelling the group to new heights of popularity.

Thousands have cheered as The Fabulous Harmonaires light up the stage with their powerful harmonies in the great tradition of 50s and 60s Doo Wop, R & B and Rock & Roll. The group has also added the choreography of Elaine Hewlett to make their stage show even more impressive. From appearances at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas and the world-famous Continental Club in Austin, TX to the Screamin’ Festival in Barcelona, Spain, these modern Doo-Wop trendsetters have excited crowds across the world.

With barn-burning rave-ups, misty-eyed tales of lost love and foot-stompin’ boppers, The Fabulous Harmonaires deliver the sounds that drive crowds crazy. Or, as Jerome Desvaux of Continental Restyling raved, “…the best band I’ve seen in the last couple of years! A band with so much talent and so much class deserves widespread exposure. Promoters, book them!”


Crow Records
Track Listing:
Two Steps Ahead - Chicken Hawk - Next Door to Heaven - Wake Up - King of the World - I Never Knew - Kristine - What Came Over Me - Rainy Day
Been Too Long - She's Everywhere I Go - Church Bells May Ring - Love's a Game - he Greatest Heartbreak - Three Chick Guy.
Flipside Records
Track listing:
King of the World ~ I Never Knew ~ No More Tears ~ The Shrine of St Cecilia.

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Fabulous Harmonaires
Album: Next Door To Heaven
Song: Love's A Game

Fabulous Harmonaires
Album: Next Door To Heaven
Song: Next Door To Heaven

Fabulous Harmonaires
Album: Next Door To Heaven
Song: She's Everywhere I Go

Fabulous Harmonaires
Album: Next Door To Heaven
Song: Three Chick Guy


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