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Bands » Marco Da Silva And The Midnighters

Marco Da Silva And The Midnighters
Date of Publication -25 July 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Italy
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Marco Da Silva and The Midnighters are a killer Rockabilly band from Rome, Italy, who have been rockin' on stages since 1995.
The line-up is Marco Da Silva, a long time Rockabilly soldier, and by three fine musicians who all love the wild spirit of Rockabilly as much as their front-man does.

The music of the band is a very exciting mixture of authentic Rockabilly, straight Rock'n'Roll, Country music and 1950s Instrumentals. Their main inspirations are obviously many Sun Records artists and original great rockers like Mac Curtis, Joe Clay, Dale Hawkins, Narvel Felts, The Johnny Burnette Trio, Charlie Feathers, Charlie Gracie and others.

Marco, Jimmy and Alessandro also perform as a traditional 3-piece drumless line-up with the slappin' bass providing the percussion. On these occasions the set list is full of Rockabilly classics from the Sun vaults and the guys pay their heartfelt tribute to Hank Williams, Don Gibson, Buddy Holly, and also to today's great drumless trios, such as High Noon for example.

This band are not revivalists, or some kind of caberet act - they respect the atmosphere and the language of 1950s music with love and devotion, and, as every good performer should, they work hard to entertain their public.


The Midnight Bop(2003)
Ninap records, NNP CD0103

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Marco Da Silva And The Midnighters
Album: The Midnight Bop
Song: Rockabilly Boogie

Marco Da Silva And The Midnighters
Album: The Midnight Bop
Song: Boppin' Bonnie


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