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Flatbroke Trio
Date of Publication -30 June 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Copyrights: Flatbroke Trio
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland

Their love for old American music goes way back. Members of the Flatbroke Trio have been listening to rockabilly, country, blues, etc... since they were little kids. In the early eighties there was a rockabilly-boom in Finland and at that time these youngsters got bitten by fifties rock’n’roll. And at some point they felt certain urge to play the music they so deeply loved.

After several bands they finally found each other, and along with some other friends they formed a neo-rockabilly band called Moonshiner. Originally Flatbroke Trio was a side-project, inside Moonshiner, but after Moonshiner found it impossible to carry on, Trio remained alive and kicking.
Who are these guys, and where do they come from?
Flatbroke Trio hails from Turku, Finland. None of the guys were born in the city , but somehow just ended up living in this beautiful and historically meaningful coastal town of Finland.

Now, ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce the band on the verge of financial breakdown:

Henri Pirttimäki - Electric Lead Guitar

Rami Soini - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Ari Sjöblom - Upright Bass

You might have heard about some of the bands these guys have played in:

Henri has been twangin’ and pickin’ his guitar in Flatmates, Moonshiner and also in Nervous Breakdown ( a long time ago..)

Rami used to sing in Moonshiner, but also has played upright bass for Flatmates, Rave On and even did a tour in the States with Rosie Flores’ Falcons.

Ari has a huge set of different bands in his past (as well as in present). He slaps his bull-fiddle in Buck Jones’ Rhythm Riders, Hillbilly Combo and Van Go.

Musical influences....?
Let’s make a long story short.Since the boys are not very narrow-minded towards music, let’s just make a list of their favorite bands in rockabilly /country genre...
When You sit down and listen to their brand new debute CD, Beggin’ For More, You might catch some Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Ray Price and Burnette Brothers there. I’m sure that You cannot point Your finger at some detail and say "Hey that bit was stolen from C.Perkins..." but these rockabilly / country pioneers are there, somewhere behind. And not to forget Hank Williams, Elvis, Gene & Eddie, Faron Young, Chet Atkins, Bob Wills...etc. You name it!!!
(thank you to Rami Soini for the information)

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Dust & Diesel(2005)
Jungle Records

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Beggin' For More

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