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Date of Publication -20 June 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Germany
Band/Artist Website:

The Bricats were formed in the early 1990´s by the brothers Günter (Guitars &
Vocals) and Herbert Öller (Double Bass & Vocals) and their school mate Neven Klacic (Drums & Vocals). They played a lot of parties and school-dances back then and soon they were offered to appear regularly at an American 50´s Diner. During that time the band started developing their own brand of 50´s style Rock´n´Roll music which might be described as a hot rockin´ cocktail with a variety of ingredients like Rhythm & Blues, Jive, Rockabilly topped with a portion of vocal harmonies. Let's call it Swing-O-Billy! On stage the trio performs 50´s songs which are given the special "Bricats-treatment" as well as a lot of self-penned numbers. Four of them were released on the EP "When I Look Into Your Eyes" on PART-Records in April ´98. In May '99 the trio brought out their first longplayer: The "BiggesTits" (PART RECORDS). 18 songs full of Jive, fun, Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll! In November 2001 Neven decided to leave the band and was replaced by Toby Grill. With this new line-up they recorded 2002 a new CD titled "Welcome to Bricatannia".


Last Caress from V/A Swingabilly Chartbusters CD(Frankie Boy Records)
Welcome to Bricatannia(2002)
Part Records
PART-CD 628.003

'Welcome to Bricatannia' the title of Swing-o-Billy trio "The Bricats" new album on which the three well-dressed and groomed Bricatannian natives invite you to a 40s and 50s music jamboree. Hot Swing, powerful Rockabilly, brilliant self-penned songs and well-selected coverversions of the Rock'n'Roll era are being presented with harmony vocals, electric guitar, double bass and drum-kit. Eddie Bond meets Wynonie Harris, Caribian grooves meet Jive and Swing and nonsense lyrics meet sweet lovesongs. Their
unique style makes them a bright spot in today's Rockabilly landscape and they have played the biggest Rockin' Festivals in England, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Bricats have made appearances on German TV and radio-stations, have released several recordings and surely have the talent to make the audience
swing with at least one part of their body.
Get ready for Swing-o-Billy!
Bigges Tits(1999)
Part Records
PART-CD 628.002,
Your True Love from V/A a Tribute To Carl Perkins CD(1999)
Think it over from V/A A Tribute To Buddy Holly(1999)
When I Look Into Your Eyes(1998)
Part Records
PART-EP 028.001,

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The Ragin' Sea EP (Dynamite-Magazin Nr. 15)(1998)
Dynamite-Magazin Nr. 15
Bernadette from V/A Wild Men Bop 1 CD(1998)
The Bricats(1993)
Tired & Sleepy from V/A Wild Men Bop 4

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