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Date of Publication -29 May 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: England
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The Fretz formed about 20 years ago a psychobilly band and now features none of the original members. As the original members slowly grew older they were replaced by juvenile delinquents from outer space who knew and loved real rockabilly. Their mission was simple to spread the rockabilly word across the entire planet (or at least East Anglia).
The Fretz formed about 20 years ago as a psychobilly outfit. It now features none of the original members.
Over the years one by one the members have slowly migrated to pastures new, grew up and their wives told them that they can’t play with zimmer frames, new and more youthful young scallywags came unto the breach.

Each new member brought his interpretation and style slowly bringing the music back to a more rock-a-billy audience. The Fretz have gone through many a musical change – mostly for the worst. We now have Four guys who all seem to be on the same musical wavelength and are now going the the right directions with no conflicts.

Contact details for bookings and PR material

Andy –
Web site:
Management detail - None at present
Record label signed to - None at present

Current line up including every instrument played by each individual and their past music history

Dennis Bynoe Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Craig Fillbrook Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Andy White ‘Slap’ Bass/Backing Vocals
Preston Osborn Drums/Backing Vocals – 2nd Lead Vocals

Dennis:- Has only played in one other band. ‘The Rock-a-tones’. He has known Preston for nearly 25 years and played with him in the ‘The Rock-a-tones’. This band also helped Andy into ‘The Fretz’ as he played with them for about 6 months before leaving to join Craig in ‘The Fretz’

Craig:- Has played Mark Sharpe Blues Band ,San Antonio Rogues and briefly the East Coast Flyers and Cattin Around

Andy:- Has played slap bass for ‘The Phantoms’ 1994-1996, ‘The Rock-a-tones’ 1996-1997 and ‘The Fretz’ – 1996-Present day

Preston:- Has played drums and sang for ‘The Quarter Lites’, ‘The East Coast Flyers’ and ‘The Rock-a-tones’.

We are going into the studio in the next month or two (when are bank managers allow it), to record the new Fretz album, check out our

Musical influences

Dennis - Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Carl Perkins
Craig - Gene Vincent, Joe Clay, Carl Perkins, Skinny Elvis, Darrel Higham, Big Sandy Rev Horten Heat and Brian Setzer.
Andy - Early Elvis (1956-1959), Carl Perkins, Restless, The Sharks, Rattlers, anything sun records brought out
Preston - Buddy Holly, any Sun Records Artist.

We class ourselves as rockabilly but to get gigs in non rockin’ venues we do covers from the 60’s 70’s & 80’s which we then Fretz up! This then gets rockabilly back into the public eye.


Breaking the Law(2006)
the album is available from the band.

Track listing:
1. 16 Chicks
2. Breaking The Law
3. Ice Cold
4. Hey Joe
5. Baby Lets Play House
6. I'll Cry Instead
7. Sure Like The Look
8. Paranoid
How can you Sleep?(2003)
the album is available from the band.

Track Listing:
1. Race with the Devil
2. She's Gone
3. Baby blue eyes
4. Just because
5. How can you sleep?
6. Double talkin baby
7. I'm on fire
8. Rockin' daddy
9. Ring of fire
10. These boots
Lucky Seven(2000)
The album is available from the band.

Track listing:
1. Train of Pain
2. Space Buggy
3. Stranger Things
4. Hot Rod Rumble
5. Just Because
6. 7 Nights to Rock
7. Brand New Cadillac
As it ‘appens’ (1998)
the album is available from the band.

Track listing:
1. Rock the joint
2. Runaway boys
3. Twenty flight rock
4. Space Buggy
5. I'm On Fire
6. Hot dog
7. Long black train
8. Stray cat strut
9. Skinny Jim
10. Stranger Things
11. Teenage Boogie
12. Race with the Devil
13. Gone, gone, gone
14. Jumpin' from 6 to 6
15. Rock This Town
16. Long black shiny car
17. All Over Now
18. Batman

Band Photos

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30 May 2007
Comment by bonedigger

I order all CDs for a few weeks. Very easy handling...
Every album is a good on with great tracks...
Hopefully The Fretz play in the next time in Germany!

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Album: How Can You Sleep?
Song: How Can You Sleep?

Album: Breaking The Law
Song: Baby Let's Play House

Album: How Can You Sleep?
Song: Rockin' Daddy


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