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Al & The Black Cats
Date of Publication -29 April 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United States
Band/Artist Website:

If you would have told Al Krivoy in 1981 that 25 years later he would be playing rock and roll with a bunch of punks from a little town called Lowell, he probably would have laughed in your face and asked what kind of drugs you were on. After countless requests for a European tour, Al knew he had to put something together. And with all of his former band mates either dead or in prison, the search began for a back up band. Enter Hugh Skiffington, Tony Cozzaglio, and Eric Soules..........
Having already a few years in the local punk and rockabilly scene, the boys jumped at the chance to show Al what they had, after hearing of his search though a mutual friend named John B. After a few rehearsals, Al saw that he had something more than just a "back-up" band. From then on, Al made it his mission to bring the band to the masses with their new breed of rock and roll.
So the journey began. After two albums, countless shows, and a couple of smelly tour vans later, the band has won over hundreds of fans on their quest to rock the world, one city at a time.


"This hot young band has the potential to bring rockabilly back into the mainstream and make it popular with the youth of today. They provide a welcome relief from all the emo bands that are pouring out of the states at the moment."
-Big Cheese Magazine

"One can only hope they do short sets, since much more than half and hour would leave the band and audience totally exhausted.........tipped as a possible breakthrough act to the mainstream, if they do crack it, then there's more than 100 UK bands who will follow them through the door."
- UK Rock

"It (the first album) should carry a Government health warning that if you plan to dance all the way through it, make sure your physician has checked you out first."
- UK Rock

"No-nonsense fuck you it’s only rock n’ roll no future if we’re bored we quit."
-As Described By


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Givin'Em Something To Rock n' Roll About(2008)
Sunny Bastards
Catalogue Number: SB-CD 042

Track listing:
Givin 'Um Something To Rock'n'Roll About - 300 Miles - Hold The Sugar - Better Off Dead - Hell's The Only Place / Number Up - Oh My God - Shake It Loose - Take 'um As They Come - Roll the Dice - The Light Hit Her Eyes - Runnin' Dry - So Far From Home - What Can I Say.

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Rooby Records
The Fabulous Rockabilly Sounds of(2006)
Rooby Records

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