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Koma Katz
Date of Publication -17 April 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United Kingdom

Koma Katz were formed in Brighton 2005, when Ronnie Rowsell was asked by a bassist calling himself 'The Phantom' to help him form a psychobilly band. Ronnie hooked him up with his mates Tom Elliot and Craig Binding and they played their first show in december 2005 with The Peacocks and soon recorded their first demo. in 2006 they went on to play with greats such as The Polecats, the Meteors and The Long Tall Texans aswell as popular American goth punks Tiger Army, playing around England and even as far as Amsterdam.
In late 2006 they began recording their second record 'HELL GIBSON', 'The Phantom' had threatened to leave the band if Koma Katz couldnt get another drummer, so reluctantly they parted company with drummer Tom and recruited the services of Matt Devive from Hardcore punk band Abandon Ship to record. Before the record could be finished 'The Phantom' had left the band claiming to be 'disillusioned with psychobilly' In 2007 the Koma Katz found a new rhythm section in the form of Mark 'tortured mind' who had played bass for Caravans and Radiacs aswell as drummer Loz Dischord who also plays bass in Second Hand Koffin. Finally the band achieved a unique and powerful sound, playing better than ever before with all the catchy danceable rhythm and blues melodies of Rockabilly along with the simple honsety of British punk rock.


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Koma Katz
Song: Beastman Boogie


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