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Darrin Stout
Date of Publication -09 April 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Artists
Country: United States

Whether you're in the mood for upbeat rockabilly twang, a gripping rhythm & blues ballad or crooning from the heart, Darrin Stout's music has all of these elements and more. Raised in West Texas, he has spent his life accumulating the musical influences that make up his style.

Darrin fuses traditional roots music with a current sound, and maintains a deep appreciation for the authentic styles of Country & Western, Rockabilly, and Rhythm & Blues. Based in L.A. his rockin' trio has been backed by veteran roots musicians including Philippe Aubuchon, formerly of "Russell Scott & his Red Hots" (Drums), and Wally Hersom, formerly of "Big Sandy & the Flyrite Boys" (Upright Bass) as well as Tony "Slash" Redhorse, Jack Fire, Dan Enriquez, D.J Bonebrake (formerly from "X") and Joe Perez. Darrin's blazing vintage blonde 1953 Gibson ES-5 electric hollowbody guitar helps keep the pulse going as he thrills the audiences with Jump Blues, Boogie Woogie, Travis Finger Picking and wild Rockabilly solos.

Darrin has developed a sound of his own and captured it on his new 12 song CD, full of original backbeat rock-n- roll, as well as haunting echo filled ballads and a warm vibrato. Check out a few song downloads on this website. The CD is available online at most music stores, Texas Music Roundup Records and direct from his website. Darrin also has a single titled, "I Can't Bear These Lonely Nights" on the Bear Family Records, "25th Anniversary - Bear Essentials Compilation CD as well as contributing 2 new singles "You're Makin' Me Blue and "Heartaches And Pain" on the Hollywood Vintage Records Compilation CD titled L. A. Rockabilly Again. There's a new 30th Anniv. Bear Family Records CD Compilation release just issued with a Darrin Stout song on it titled "Barely Hangin' On". Other former bands Darrin has been in are with 50's Rockabilly Legend Ray Campi's, Levi Dexter's, Rockin' LLoyd Tripp & the Zipguns, and The Kingsize Rockers. On the road recently in the South, he shared billings with Dave Alvin, Ronnie Dawson, Rosie Flores, The Planet Rockers and 50's guitar legend Paul Burleson to name a few at popular venues like the Derby, Blue Cafe, Rhythm Room, Continental Club, Bluebird Theatre, Bimbo's, Doll Hut and Ronnie Mack's Famed Barndance...

This year the band is booked to play the Greenbay WI, "Rockin 50's Fest" on April 15th - the Worlds Largest 5 Day Rockabilly Festival... and at the Rock-n-Roll Jamboree in Finland, June 21-23...and at the Grand Ole Opry - Opryland Nashville Tenn. Aug 5th. They will also be touring Europe, recording for a few compilation projects and releasing a new CD later in the year. At home, the band is building a steady following touring in the American Roots club circuit as well as promoting their debut CD release "Darrin Stout & the Starlighters" across the U.S. and on radio. Darrin is committed to his music and his band. His main goal is to keep American Roots music alive, fresh and strong. Sharp clothes, tube amps and vintage guitars are the line-up at any of his shows, but ultimately, it's his unique music, rhythm and energy that sets him apart.


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'Darrin Stout & The Starliters' CD

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Darrin Stout
Album: Have Twang, Will Travel!
Song: Barely Hangin On

Darrin Stout
Album: Have Twang, Will Travel!
Song: There's A Lonely Heart That's Yearning

Darrin Stout
Album: Have Twang, Will Travel!
Song: I Can't Bare These Lonely Nights

Darrin Stout
Album: Have Twang, Will Travel!
Song: I Don't Want To Seem So Unsatisfied


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