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Alley Dukes, The
Date of Publication -08 April 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United States
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Since 2002, Montreal’s THE ALLEY DUKES have waged a one-band battle against the cliches and stereotypes of the contemporary rockabilly scene. Their bacchanalian brand of debauched rock’n’roll has breathed new life into what has long been perceived as a PG-rated squeaky-clean revisionist genre. You won’t hear any “oldies” covers at an ALLEY DUKES show, no songs about the good ol’ days of drive-ins and sock hops and fishtail Cadillacs, or any references to the antiseptic Leave It To Beaver 1950’s nostalgia timewarp that most contemporary rockabilly bands have come to inhabit. THE ALLEY DUKES celebrate the timeless vitality of primal rock’n’roll while restoring its original function: to strike fear and disgust into the hearts of parents and clergymen, and to inspire wild debauchery and superhuman feats of alcohol consumption in their fans…and that’s exactly why they draw a diverse crowd that isn’t restricted to the narrow confines of the rockabilly scene.

What you can expect from an ALLEY DUKES performance is intensity, sweat, beer, and other bodily fluids, and top-notch low-brow entertainment which has cemented their reputation among discriminating listeners wherever they unleash their “LOUDER! HARDER! FASTER!” approach, all too rare among today’s crop of 50’s revisionists.

THE ALLEY DUKES’ debut full-length CD “NORTHERN REDNECKS” showcases the stripped-down raunch and twisted humor which makes their live performances legendary. Recorded live in the studio, this disc captures THE ALLEY DUKES sound in its full glory, exploding with hypnotic primitive rhythms and hillbilly slap echo, and has won them fans worldwide, setting them apart from the hordes of warmed-over Elvis impersonators masquerading as contemporary rockabilly acts.

The band has just recorded their sophomore CD “GO BACK TO COLLEGE” maintaining their reputation of being able to deliver the goods in the studio with the same aplomb and venom as on the concert stage, and abandons any pretext of the double-entendre to deliver pure shameless filth set to a crazed rock’n’roll beat, wilder, lewder, and rawer than ever.


Go Back To School(2007)
Flying Saucer
Catalogue Number: FSP 6969

Track Listing:
If This Ain't Rockabilly You Can Suck My Balls - Circular Motion - Dirty White Girl - Shave That Poodle - I Wanna Go Back To College - On My Face - Pimp / She's So Flat - Jailbait / Milkshake Queen - I Broke Your Hymen, You Broke My Heart - Little Girls - Look Somewhere Else - Make The World A Better Place - Cherries & Chocolates.

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'Northern Rednecks' CD(2006)

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10 September 2009
Comment by originalsinners

Unfortunately the Alley Dukes broke up in 2008. Too bad, they were quite the performers


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