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Bands » Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue

Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue
Date of Publication -29 February 2016
Submitted by: ruzzguitar
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United Kingdom
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'Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue' - A new powerful, Soul injected Blues/R'n'B/Rock'n'Roll band hailing from Bristol UK and lead by Gretsch wielding guitarist Ruzz Guitar. After taking inspiration from many great guitarists such as Wilko Johnson, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath and Jimmie Vaughan, Ruzz has developed what he has learnt into his own style which is quickly becoming recognized around the UK and Europe.

After a few years of playing with multiple Blues and Rockabilly band's from Bristol and Bath and playing all over the UK and Europe, Ruzz has decided to put together this new Blues/R'n'B/Rock'n'Roll band to showcase his unique, multi-genre guitar playing and song writing. Joining forces with drummer Holly Carter and upright bassist Joe Allen from Bristol, they come together to create the unique sound that is "Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue"

"Ruzz Guitars Blues Revue comes out smokin' with 10 great blues and rockabilly tracks that we can't stop playing. This three piece band is tearing it up on the air waves for all of us over here in the USA"
Hanks Americana Radio
Houston, Texas (USA)

"That young man can pick! He tears it up like a pro and plays way beyond his years!!" - Paul Pigat (Cousin Harley)

"When I've seen Ruzz play live, what's great is that its obvious he has his influences, but he never just copies, he has his own style and you can guarantee it'll get your attention" - Johnny Hop (UK Rock)

"You got numerous a lot of guitar players out there. Only a few outstanding talents can make you jump up, and take notice. Ruzz is just such a talent." - Alexander Verwilst

"Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue rocks! Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue puts the rock in rock and roll riot!" - Sam Goode (Rock and Roll Riot Radio Show)

Band Members

Ruzz Guitar - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Holly Carter - Drums
Joe Allen - Upright Bass

Band/Artist Video


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Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue(2015)
This is the new, all original, 10 track album from Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue, showcasing the multi-genre writing and playing that the band is known for!

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