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Bands » Barlow Gin And The Hatchetmen

Barlow Gin And The Hatchetmen
Date of Publication -26 July 2012
Submitted by: ginsyn
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United States of America
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Elvis would be proud. Back in the day, hardly anybody knew about jazz, much less rockabilly. Elvis embraced this phenomenon. Which is a huge coincidence, because Barlow Gin is an obscure phenomenon too. Take one guy from here, another couple from there. mix in an oddball drummer. Stir in one mean Mama. Sort of like the good ol' days-- a potent hip switchin' brew. Elvis would probably like it a lot. Ask him when you see him.

Band Members

Kat Rush- Lead Vocals
Mack Partain- Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Gary Redden- Lead Guitar
Chris Young- Bass
Sonny Leonard- Trumpet/ Harmonica/Vocals
Travis Arend- Percussion


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