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Taildraggers, The
Date of Publication -12 June 2011
Submitted by: thetaildraggers
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Netherlands
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Think of any western rockin’ styled TV or radio show you can think of, from late 40’s, 1950s and early 1960’s era such as Town Hall Party, Grand Ole Opry, Country Style U.S.A., Big ‘D’ Jamboree, Louisiana Hayride...stuff like that. Mix it up with some boppin‘ 1950’s rockabilly and rock n roll, that’s about the recipe you’ll get with The Taildraggers.

The Taildraggers started out early 2001 and have created a unique style ever since. Somewhere between rockabilly, honky tonk, rock ‘n roll and country bop and even some rockin’ west coast Bakersfield.
The Taildraggers already appeared on some great festivals: Rockabilly Rave (UK), Summer Jamboree (I), Bedrock (DK), Rockabilly Rumble (NL), Rockin‘
Around Turnhout (B), Rockabilly Earthquake (DL) and of course at Green Bay (WI, USA)

In between we’ve created a new combo for a short period, called the Kingsize Playboys. Because after the
show in Greenbay (USA) the Taildraggers decided to call it a day. Some of us went their own merry way and some moved on. With the birth of the Kingsize Playboys we did some great stuff and added a pedalsteel-guitar to our sound. More country and more western swing was the result, but it never quite became what we had in mind.

So, after that little adventure, we decided it was time to return as The Taildraggers again !

At this time, we're busy wrinting new material of our own and planning to record a complete new album as soon as the songs are ready. In the meantime, you'll be seeing and hearing us around!

Band Members

Pascal: lead vocals & acoustic guitar Tiny: lead guitar (also Kingsize Trio) Peter: double bass (also Kingsize Trio) Marco: drums (also Stacy Cats)

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