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Bands » Hi-faluters, The

Hi-faluters, The
Date of Publication -16 May 2009
Submitted by: faluters
Category: Modern Bands
Country: The Netherlands
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Howdy from the south.......of The Netherlands

It all started way back in the early 1990's when we met at "Jan van Cep" - a local honky tonk bar. After a few beers and a few cheers we got serious and started to talk about music and found out we all had the same (bad) taste.
We ran home to pick up our instruments and jammed 'till the cows came home.
We had so much fun we decided there and then to start a band named "Whistling Dixie".

Late 2007 there was a change in personel and to make a fresh start we decided to alter the repertoire a bit. Along with that we felt like cooking up a new name for the band. And even though we are not high faluting guys we now are "The Hi-Faluters"

Together and amongst us we have quite succesfully gigged pubs and festivals in: France, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, England, Denmark, Sweden, USA and of course the Netherlands. Maybe we'll play near your home town next.

Band Members

Jan Meijers: Drums and Rhythm sticks.

The man who keeps the rhythm going.
Has been with The Hi-Faluters from the start and he keeps coming back.
A steady beat with no excessiveness is his style. He is a collector of vintage thingamadoodles
and whatchemecallems. His daytime job is designer.

Marc Rixen: Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar.

Like the Johnny Cash song 6 foot 6, he stands on the ground the frontman of The Hi-Faluters.
Famous for his warm and powerful voice. In his early singing career he was quite succesful as one of "The Reno Brothers" - a duo that appeared on national TV.
Marc is a real Elvis fan, he even looks like him (in his dreams that is)

Ruud Smeets: Take off Guitar - Steel Guitar - Vocals.

Inspired by the great guitarists of the '40s & '50s but at the same time keeping his own style, Ruud is the one
responsible for the solos in the band. Some of you may recognize him from "The Taildraggers" in which he was
an original member. In his spare time he likes to tinker with his old cars and bike. He is also known to split every
hair but that is mainly because he's a barber.

Freddy Verleg: Doghouse Bass.

Introducing the latest Hi-Faluter. Freddy now slaps the bass and he does a damn good job of it.
He is the youngest of the band but he's trying to catch up (keep on trying).
The only bass player with two right hands, he can fix just about anything.

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