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Bands » Johnny Menphis Trio, The

Johnny Menphis Trio, The
Date of Publication -06 March 2009
Submitted by: johnnymenphis
Copyrights: The Johnny Menphis Trio
Category: Modern Bands
Country: England
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The Johnny Menphis Trio is an English band, who are playing hot jump rockabilly. TattoTony - on drums and hitting things. The band line up is relatively new but all members have been rockin' on the scene for about eighty years. Johnny used to be a bass player and a front man for the notorious Redneks, Keith - a bass man for mad Johnny Fox and Tony and still rocking with the Muskrats. The guys have banded together so they can produce a noise that they wanna do, that is not dictated by current trends or bands out there at the moment. Basically trying very hard not to copy anyone, which can be realy difficult with the amount of stuff out there. The Johnny Menphis Trio put more into live performances than studio work as gigging, because for them "this is a way of live not a pay check"

Band Members

Johnny Menphis - Guitar, Vocals
Keith Locke - Double Bass, Vocals
Tattoo Tony - Drums, Vocals


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