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Bands » Little Neal And The Blue Flames

Little Neal And The Blue Flames
Date of Publication -31 January 2009
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Little Neal & the Blue Flames
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Germany
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Starting as a studio project in December the band Neal & His Night Surf came together to record two songs for the Berliner label “favourite records”. At that time band members were: Nino Laskowski (vocals/lead guitar), Ike Stoye (rhythm guitar), Sascha Körner (bass) and Axel Praefcke (drums). In mid ’98 the sampler “Rough Rockin'" was released, sampling Berliner bands only. With the cover version of "Let's Dance" by Excels and John Knights "Rock and Roll Guitar", Little Neal & His Night Surf contributed the two classics in a hard and unspoiled fashion.
After releasing their first EP in 2000, Little Neal & the Blue Flames toured a lot in foreign countries to make themselves a name. The highlights of their tourlife were shows like the A-Bombers in Sweden, the Bedrock Weekender in Danmark, Rockin' Around Turnhout in Belgium and Hemsby, where they showed up in October 2003.
Furthermore they rocked the Netherlands, Austria, Swiss and Spain. After tearing these place apart, they went to the Lightning Recording Studios in spring 2004 to record their first Longplayer. The result are 9 self-penned songs and 6 coversongs, which were released on Rhythm Bomb Records in October 2005.
With their habitually dynamic style and a fuller sound Little Neal & the Blue Flames are doing their stint to keep Rock'n'Roll alive...

Band Members

Lil' Neal - Vocals & Guitar
Hardrock Gunter - Drums
Michael - Rhythm-Guitar & Backing Vocals
Sascha - Bass & Backing Vocals

Band/Artist Video


High School Cosh(2008)
Rhythm Bomb Records

Band Photos

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