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Bands » Hannes And The Blue Vinyl Freaks

Hannes And The Blue Vinyl Freaks
Date of Publication -14 March 2007
Submitted by: hannes
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Germany
Contacts & Booking E-mail:

This rockabilly/blues/country quintet from Berlin, Germany started in autumn 2005, but the five musicians met before and played previously in bands such as The Sundowners Berlin, Doc Thomas as well as Big Bad Shakin’.

Their musical influences include the Rockabilly side of Carl Perkins and Elvis, the pure but rich country music of Hank Williams, the blues of Little Walter. The bi-lingual repertoire of the band mixes original songs and great classic material, and their sound features harp, guitars, lap steel, upright bass and drums.

August 2006 they played at the 'Tribute To Carl Perkins Rockabilly Festival' in Jackson, Tennessee and returned 08/2007. (see The band recorded at the legendary SUN studio in Memphis. July 22nd, 2007 festival line-up: Chuck Berry, Little Willie Littlefield, Kingsize Taylor, Hannes & the Blue Vinyl Freaks, Colinda. The band backed 'German Al Pacino' Rolf Zacher and 'Mrs Let's Have A Party' Wanda Jackson.

Their studio recordings (from 2006 to 2007) got published as 'The SUN recordings and more' by in Switzerland in April 2008. The order No is TCY009. The CD is available from, musicload and iTunes. It contains originals as well as cover songs in German and English language. One track features Wanda Jackson. Wanda and the Blue Vinyl Freaks toured with Wanda Jackson in April 2008.

England references (of Hannes) are connected to his former band Big Bad Shakin’. To get info on Hombre Hannez (voc/git) get with Paul Barrett, Wild Bob Burgos (he noted a quote for the current CD booklet 'The SUN recordings and more'), Mike Borrows (in Bristol) and 'Black Cat' Chris Black - or click to his myspace site at /HannesStrauss. Please note that Hannes and the Blue Vinyl Freaks are playing with the Lennerockers on their 'Wild West Weekender' (Pullman City, western village) in December 2010.

For those of you who want to see the band live near you, please feel free to email us any venue you think would be appropriate. We're happy to contact them. Booking contact: Solid Impact, Grunowstr. 19c, 13187 Berlin, Germany, eMail contact or info(at),

Band Members

Hannes Strauss (aka Hombre Hannez) - voc, git
Frank Naehring (aka Magic) - voc, harp, git
Axel Rosenbauer - lap steel git
Dieter Dienstag - upright bass
Michael Kouchen - drums


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Hannes And The Blue Vinyl Freaks
Album: Unreleased
Song: Medley

Hannes And The Blue Vinyl Freaks
Album: Unreleased
Song: Blues Medley


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