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Roy Kay Trio
Date of Publication -11 January 2009
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Roy Kay Trio
Category: Modern Bands
Country: United States
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Playing the their own distinctive style of rockabilly, The Roy Kay Trio have been performing together since late 2001. Blending melody, rhythm and harmony, they have become a staple in the Northwest and played in many different countries on several international tours.
They have also been featured at the world’s top Weekender’s including, The Rockabilly Rave (UK), Viva Las Vegas (US), Green Bay’s Rockin’ 50’s fest (US), Hemsby (UK), High Rockabilly (ES), Amsterdam’s D-Day (NL), The Summer Jamboree (IT), Waldorf’s Rockin' Rollin (DE), Rock n Roll Firestorm (DE), Red Hot and Blue (CAN)

At their home in the Northwestern United States, they have also played multiple times at the most prominent local festivals, including KEXP’s Rockabilly Ball, Northwest Folklife, Yakima’s Folklife, Pike Place Market’s Street and Centennial Festivals etc…

The trio plays rockabilly, hillbilly bop and early country and always has a good time doin' it.

Band Members

Roy Kay - vocals / rhythm guitar
Robin Cady - upright bass / harmony vocals
Mike Geglia - electric guitar / harmony vocals


The Rhythm and Harmony of The Roy Kay Trio(2008)
The Madrona Ranch
In Digipaks!
Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon(2006)
Lightning Recording Service
Travel Bound 45(2004)
Audio Recording Service
1) Travel Bound MP3
2) One Year Ago Tonight

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Knockin' Em Back(2004)
Electro-Vox Studio
Produced by Ashley Kingman
Recorded by Wally Hersom

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Wanderin' Mind (2002)
Audio Recording Service
Produced by Deke Dickerson
Recorded by Kearney Barton

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