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Phantom Cruisers
Date of Publication -02 January 2009
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Dr. Chris Jones
Category: Modern Bands
Country: USA

The Phantom Cruisers set fire to the Midwest with a high-test hopped-up rockabilly sound that you want to get up and go. Since 2003, they have used their roots in punk rock to generate frenetic rhythms, but use their love of country and rock & roll to keep it in control for a polished and exciting sound. Front-man Eddy Price keeps it smooth with a fiery edge. Bob Dude bangs it out in a flurry of controlled chaos. DF Briles uses a guitar to say all the things he canít say in real life. Dave Herr slaps those strings like they owe him money. These four boys are the pride of Southern Indiana (What other choice do you have, really?). You can catch this award-winning quintet prowling basements, bars and carshows.

Band Members

Eddy Price- Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
D.F. Briles - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Dave Herr - Bass
Bob Dude - Drums


No Albums Submitted

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26 July 2009
Comment by michaeldeluxe

FYI. The band was started by Eddy Price, DF Briles, and Michael "Deluxe" Patton. Shortly after starting, Eliot joined in with the bass. It wasn't until '06 that Dave started on bass and Bob started on drums. The first two albums were with Michael and Eliot. The first one also included keys by Zach Campbell.


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