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Michael Ubaldini
Date of Publication -11 March 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Artists
Country: United States
Band/Artist Website:

Rock n' Roll, rebel, poet, philosopher, hopeless romantic, storyteller, guitar slingin' outlaw in black are only a few of the diverse descriptions of Gritty singer & 'Prolific' songwriter Michael Ubaldini. This artist obviously defies categorization..and while back in the day when many bands in Southern California were entrenched in Hardcore and Punk Michael was as usual Doin' his own thing following no rules and wound up creating his own definitive sound and was a forerunner into was to later be known As 'Americana' or 'Alt Country'. The Los Angeles times stated he is "Better than Bruce Springsteen at probing the national soul".
From the heart and soul and the blood of the American dream, Michael and his cranking band rock the way people have forgotten how with the plastic of most of today's Pop and fabricated Punk. Michael plays and sings his lyrics as if the world's gonna come to an end. He plays his own stuff with no messing' about, and when he chooses to do an ol' cover tune from one of his heros, whether it be Otis Redding, Elvis, CCR, the Stones, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan to name but a few; he puts new life into them. Michael delivers as if his life depends on it. He's been quoted as saying, "I can't betray the music. If it ain't real, it ain't worth it."

Michael "The Rock N Roll Poet" has performed all over the world England Canada, Belgium, and Germany. He lived in Austin Texas for a couple of years and Criss Crossed the USA paying his Dues and living A travling Rock n roll trubadour life , writing and singing his songs filled with storytellng lyrics and poetic images that he lives and has lived. "Jack Kerouac in a Black Motercycle Jacket"" as some have described him, Michael has also opened for the Brian Setzer Orchestra on three separate occasions, and Brian jammed with the group at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. And The Late Joe Strummer from "THE CLASH" came out to the show to lend his support. His Show at The Legendary "Palamino Club" (Now Defunct) was attended by the Legendary "JOHN FOGERTY" leader of "Creedence Clearwater Revival" Michael also contributed a version of Gene Vincent's "Be Bop a Lu La" on a "Tribute to Gene Vincent" CD, which included top Orange County and California rock-a-billy and blues groups. Michael's version, however, received two top write-ups by Blue Suede Blues Magazine as one of the CD's finer moments. Michael did the song in a Robert Johnson/Son House delta blues style . The first to do and approach the song in that style complete with Michael playing bottleneck guitar. Michael Also a published Poet His book of his lyrics and poetry entitled "LOST AMERICAN NIGHTS" by Moontide press. He Has Won three "Orange County Music Awards" in two years for "BEST ROOTS ROCK" and "BEST LIVE MALE PERFORMER",for 2005 and 2006, And his "ACOUSTIC RUMBLE" CD from 1999 was picked by the LA TIMES as "BEST DISC OF THE YEAR and was picked as 10th BEST RELEASE OF THE ENTIRE DECADE on the top 100 list of the decades best records.
For his 2006 CD release "EMPTY BOTTLES & BROKEN GUITAR STRINGS" Michael recorded some of the tracks at the legendary SUN STUDIO in Memphis TN. .The Birth Place of Rock n Roll!! It was also Named "Best CD of 2006" by the O.C. Register. He has toured the UK and The United States even performing at The CAVERN CLUB In Liverpool England. and THE RYMAN GRAND OL' OPRY in Nashville. He performed in the live stage version of "The Who's Quadrophenia" as The Head of the "Rockers" motorcycle gang, and Has played shows with such greats as "Lucinda Williams", "Jerry Lee Lewis" "John Hammond", "Southside Johnny" And Billy Zoom and John Doe of "X" He has written over 500 songs and continues to be a prolific writer. He is An American Rebel.

On Avenue Of Ten Cent Hearts, "rock & roll poet" Michael Ubaldini moves away from his Dylan/Springsteen troubadour style to offer up a Southern-tinged rock record that falls more in line with folks like Jason Ringenberg and Steve Earle. With a delivery that says "this guy's giving his all," Ubaldini fills his songs with sharp lyrics and memorable refrains. After the somewhat deceiving jazz-pop standard style of the opening track, "I'm A Sucker 4 You", he lays into it with heartland soul and keeps it up through most of this 15-track disc. Although, he sidesteps the edgier rock at times for tracks like the countrified "Waitin' On A Day (That Never Comes)". The thoughtful, Memphis soul-touched numbers "River Of Time" and "Old Time Radio" stand out, as well as the folksy "Stone Cold Heart", which passes for terrific alt. country. Ubaldini doesn't really come out of nowhere, with records released over the past decade, but he's certainly geared up to break out with this terrific disc (miles of music)

Michael Ubaldini, "Empty Bottles& Broken Guitar Strings" (Blackwater Records)Awarded Best CD of 2006 & along with"Avenue of Ten Cent Hearts" (Blackwater Records) - Ubaldini has increasingly been able to bring a growing number of authentic influences into his American roots sound, with his latest album blending rock, folk, country, blues, jazz and gospel around remarkable songs (orange county register)

Even more than the great music, Michael Ubaldini conjures up some wonderful images on Avenue Of The Ten Cent Hearts. Described as a rock n roll rebel, poet, philosopher, hopeless romantic, storyteller, guitar slinging outlaw in black, he manages to match all those descriptions and quite a few more. I'm A Sucker 4 You summons up the vision of a slightly down on his luck musician, keeping body and soul together by playing in the kind of seedy joint inhabited by what are euphemistically called 'colourful characters', sustained only by his talent and belief that his luck will change. I'm A Sucker 4 You is the opening credit to Once Upon A Time In Americana. The phrase 'five years later on' could provide the bridge between that opening song and what follows. In place of the cynic there is a musician who has rediscovered his muse. The excitement grows from the title track through to Hard Luck Town and it is here that first complimentary comparison comes in. Both tracks have the gritty realism of the young Springsteen. Ubaldini's rock n roll is uncompromising and direct and fired straight from the barrel of his guitar. There's a tangible buzz surrounding Avenue Of The Ten Cent Hearts, not only is there Smoke n Fire there's the white heat rock n roll of a young man making his way in a hurry. Having established his credentials he then throws in a country curve ball, however Waitin' On A Day isn't the stylised version, it's slightly twisted and mangled. Ubaldini celebrates and makes a virtue of the rough edges. River Of Time brings the second comparison, recreating the defiant free spirit that was Van Morrison at his very, very best. The energy that Ubaldini injects into (Lifetime Of) Bar Band Dues would be enough to mark him out as a special talent but on Stone Cold Heart he takes a slice of bluegrass and puts a sneer on its face that would do Shane McGowan proud. After listening to Avenue Of the Ten Cent Hearts it's little wonder Michael Ubaldini requires so many adjectives, in fact the list looks a little inadequate (


Empty Bottles & Broken Guitar Strings(2006)
Blackwater records
Critically Acclaimed 20 Track CD Album including 3 BRAND NEW tracks recorded at legendary "SUN STUDIO" in Memphis 2006...also 'Rare tracks' and A compilation of Michael's Prolific output of Original Rock n Roll/Honky tonkin' songs! This Disc was picked as "Top CD of 2006" By The Orange County Southern California,. And Legendary British DJ "Bob Harris" has featured it on his BBC RADIO2 show and in his "Maverick Magazine" Column as One Of his Favorate discs of the year!
Avenue of 10 Cent Hearts(2005)
Blackwater records
Winner of 2 southern California Music Awards "Best Roots Rock/Americana "& "Best Male Performer" 15 Tracks -All Michael Ubaldini originals.- Also a Favorate of "Americana U.K." on line magazine and -BBC RADIO 2 DJ "Bob Harris" (Country show)

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Michael Ubaldini Album Reviews

Michael Ubaldini
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (25 January 2007)
Rock n' Roll, rebel, poet, philosopher, hopeless romantic, storyteller, guitar slingin' outlaw in black are only a few of the diverse descriptions of Gritty singer & 'Prolific' songwriter Michael Ubaldini. This artist obviously defies categorization..and while back in the day when many bands in Southern California were entrenched in Hardcore and Punk Michael was as usual...

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Michael Ubaldini
Album: Empty Bottles & Broken Guitar Strings
Song: High Maintenance Engine

Michael Ubaldini
Album: Avenue Of Ten Cent Hearts
Song: Waitin' On A Day

Michael Ubaldini
Album: The Mystery Train Sessions
Song: Scratch My Back


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