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Date of Publication -25 May 2008
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Tri-Tones
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Estonia
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In 2006 one the most successful rockabilly bands in Estonia, The Jumpin Wheels (, stopped playing music. They used to perform in Finland, Spain (where they have realeased their CD "Hot Rod Mama" on Cab Records), Holland and Russia. In 2002 they backed up Johnny Powers for his tour in Finland.
So by the end of 2006 guitar player Artur Skropnik and drummer Peter Karo left without band. By lucky chance one day some months later they met bass player and vocalist Avo Laanemaa at one of the pubs of Tallinn. After that they decided that it was time to get back to the road and start playing rockabilly music again. That is how Tri-Tones were born.
It didn't take that long time to start playing together before their first show, 'cause all of the guys have been playing music from their childhood and are quit good with their instruments. Since then their gigs in Estonia started.
In 2007 was coming out the cd/dvd "Tribute to Johnny Cash 75th anniversary party" in Estonia, where you can see and hear Tri-Tones playing live.
The band has been playing hot rockin' country music of 50's and also starting to make self-penned songs and instrumentals. By the end of 2008 their first cd gonna be released.

Band members are:

Avo Laanemaa - Vocal, Upright Bass
Artur Skrõpnik - Guitar
Peeter Karo - Drums

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R.J. And Tri-Tones
Song: Further On Up The Road

R.J. (with Tri-Tones)
Album: Mixed Up
Song: All Right, Okay, You Win


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