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Hot Rocks, The
Date of Publication -18 March 2008
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: The Hot Rocks
Category: Modern Bands
Country: France
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It's already 20 years since The Hot Rocks have been performed either as a band or as backup on lots of European and Canadian stages. The trio plays the music of 50’s, having in their set list self-penned compositions as well as covers but with a lot of improvisation and their own arrangements. The Hot Rocks’ sound and style are influenced by Johnny Burnette, Joe Clay, Sleepy-La-Beef and Dale Hawkins and repertoire consists mainly of rockabilly, Rock’n'Roll and Rockin’ blues... all being served hot and spicy! They also played with the pioneers of the 50’s-70s rock scene such as Johnny Powers, Ray Campi, Hayden Thompson, Sonny Burgess, The Crickets, The Comets, Linda Gail Lewis, Elizabeth Lee, Crazy Cavan, and 'many others…. They had the privilegeto share the stage with some famous American musicians including Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, James Burton...
Rock’n Roll is not dead. It is alive and doing well. The Hot Rocks is a group actors - keep your eyes open, maybe soon the will be performing in your area ! Don’t miss them !

The band memebers are:

Alexis Mazzoleni - Vocals, Guitar
Francis Gomez - Vocal, Slapin’ Bass
Red Dennis - Shouts, Drums


Rockabilly Sauce(2006)
Sfax Records

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