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Arsen Roulette
Date of Publication -03 February 2008
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: Arsen Roulette
Category: Modern Artists
Country: USA
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Arsen Roulette, striving to become one of todays top talents, started years ago by locking himself in his fathers cobbler shop for nights on end, feverishly practicing in the hopes of one day playing throughout the world and leaving behind a piece of himself in history, forever locked inside the immortal medium we call a CD.

Arsen recorded his first album, Lost Recordings, during the crazy days of 2003 and 2004. The hot wax features Rockin Lloyd Tripp on 1st guitar and Matt Pav. on 2nd guitar. This multi-dimensional recording met with huge success, gaining national recognition in such fine magazines as Rockabilly Monthly and Blackcat Rockabilly.

But wait! Theres more! The year ain't even over yet and 2007 has marked a very successful year for Arsen and his boys. Coming off a major US tour in 2005, a major European tour in 2006 and after being voted one of Californias top 10 bands by the Fresno Bee, Arsen and the gang has traveled over 20,000 miles including the bands first European tour, taking them to almost every country on the old continent.

In preparation for the European tour and leading a wild new band, Arsen went into the studio to cut a dozen pure, raw, straight forward Rockabilly tracks. Drop the needle and watch it boil, mix a cup of Johnny Horton, a handful of Burnette Brothers, and a whole lotta crazy, crazy lovin together and youll have it. The title track, Lets Get On With It, will be featured in the upcoming motion picture, Beauty 24.

And now the search for the right bandmates has finally come to a halt. Arsen Roulette has teamed back up with one of the best guitar players around, Matt Pav.. Stepping down from the bass, Arsen has given Nick "Ho-diddy", fame, the ol doghouse, and brought in Biff O'Hara better known as Rin-Tin-Tin's friend, to pound the skins. br>
Self penned tracks, wild vocals, rock-solid rhythm section, and blinding sharp guitars make this band one of the best Rockabilly acts since the 50s! A damn fine piece of work, dishing out the rebop both live and in the studio. Lets Get On With It and give it over for Arsen Roulette!


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Let's Get On With It(CD, 2006)
El Toro Records
Lost Recordings(CD, 2005)
El Toro Records
Knock Me a Kiss
El Toro Records
7 inch single, Limited Edition on Coke bottle clear vinyl

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