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El Rio Trio
Date of Publication -14 December 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: El Rio Trio
Category: Modern Bands
Country: The Netherlands
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Rock’n’Roll is the music which is in the blood of those guys. Playing it - is their big passion, which you can feel in the songs they perform – from Rockabilly to harmony singing of Doo-wop, nothing is strange for them.

The best description of the music the band has been playing would be a mix of inspired sound of pure Rockabilly of 50’s and the rough sound of self penned songs. As a result you have got the Riobilly style.

Rhythm guitar, lead guitar and, of course, slappin’ bass are the instruments which make music so amazing and surely they all exist in El Rio Trio.

The band started long time ago when the guys met in the garage, playing the music just for fun, but surprisingly the sound was so good that they became very welcomed and popular at different stages of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and even Norway.

All the members of El Rio Trio are experienced musicians who started to play their first notes from the early youth and since then ‘till nowadays they have been busy only with the music. And you can hear it in their magnificent playing together. Furthermore they add also some enthusiasm and energy that create that special hot Riobilly sound!

The band members are:

Hans - Drums and Vocals
Richard - Rhythm guitar and Vocals
Wouter - Lead guitar and Vocals
Bopper - Slap bass and Vocals

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Redheaded Woman(2007)
Tombstone Records
El Gringo(2004)
Tombstone Records

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