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Jet-sons, The
Date of Publication -13 November 2007
Submitted by: jetsons
Copyrights: The Jet-Sons
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Poland
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The Jet-sons are crazy rockabillies from south Poland. They're playing pure, wild garage rockabilly! Dominic is picking the geetar, Tommy is slapping the big bass and Niko is drumming and doing all those crazy stuff over stage.
They made few records on some compilation, recorded Tribute to Cash CD which was sold to many countries like UK, Germany, France, Japan, Hungary and more. Also they're performing at many stages in Europe. In 2009 thier new album named 'Rockabilly Garage' came out!
You need to see them live - crazy and sick show with screaming, dancing, burning washboards and more unforeseen things!

Band Members

Dominic - guitar, vocals
Tommy - bull bass
Niko - drums, washboard


Tribute to Partia - Various Artists(2005)
Jimmy Jazz
1.Powietrze - Pustki
2. Reve - Nowy Świat
3. Warszawa i ja - Klarknowa
4. Chciałbym umrzeć jak James Dean - The Headhunters
5. Oskar Hell - Happysad
6. Kieszonkowiec Darek - Vespa
7. Kobiety - Stan Zvezda
8. Nieprzytomna z bólu - Muchy
9. Kim jesteś? - Beri Beri
10. Dick Grayson - The Jetsons
11. Dziewczyny kontra chłopcy - Wersja De Lux
12. Ulice - Leprechaun
13. Pociąg do nikąd - 150 Watts
14. 10 godzin - Flymen
15. Tydzień i jeden dzień - The Lunatics
16. Skinhead Girl - Werwolf 77
17. Parasole - Paweł Paulus Mazur
18. Żoliborz - Mokotów - Anti Dread
19. Hiszpański Elvis - Delate
20. Światła miasta - The Analogs
21. Speedway - Mitch & Mitch
22. Reve - The Kuflers
23. Adam West - Meble
24. Najsmutniejsza piosenka na koniec - Krzysztof Varga

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Jet-sons, The
Album: Tribute To Johnny Cash
Song: Get The Rhythm

Jet-sons, The
Album: Tribute To Johnny Cash
Song: Cocaine Blues ( Polish Lyrics )


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