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Bands » Two Timin' Four, The

Two Timin' Four, The
Date of Publication -18 September 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: The Two Timin' Four
Category: Modern Bands
Country: USA
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The Two Timin' Four portray their suffering and yearning through a fiery myriad of rock'n'roll, pop, jazz, and punk roots with influences rarely found in modern music. Still in their early 20's they've dedicated the last several years inventing their "hard-to-describe" sound, performing vigorously around the US and Europe. Formerly known as The Two Timin' Three, they've most recently added the fourth member, Patrick Morrow on drums to complete the newly revamped Two Timers. Keep an eye out as these fresh contenders out of Austin, Texas make their way to your town!

The Two Timin' Four are
Eric Laufer - Vocals, Guitar
Shane Kiel - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Herring - Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Morrow - Drums, Vocals


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Payin' The Price(2006)
Take-Off! Records

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