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Bands » Lucky Stars, The

Lucky Stars, The
Date of Publication -18 September 2007
Submitted by: kitti
Copyrights: The Lucky Stars
Category: Modern Bands
Country: USA
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Sage Guyton sings, wrestles with an acoustic guitar, and writes the majority of the band's original material. As a frontman, his avuncular personality and hospitable, upbeat vocal style help to create the energetic yet easy going atmosphere that has become the band's trademark.

Jeremy Wakefeld plays a Bigsbysteel guitar (and how), proving the age-old adage thet "three necks better than one". Since joining up The Lucky Stars, he has become an internationally known and respected young talent. Also an accomplished vocalis, J.W. sings a few songs every set. Jeremy's artistic skills was exploited by the band when he was tricked into designing both 45 records jeckets, as well as new The Lucky Stars Cd cover.

Dave "Pappy" Stuckey is the latest addition to The Lucky Stars' all-star lineup. Though best known as a singer and songwriter of the seminal L.A. Hillbilly band, the Dave and Deke Combo and Dave Stuckey & the Rhythm Gang, it turns out that this multi-talented character can play drums to boot!

Wally Hersom, highly prised bass fiddleman, known to many as an original member of Big Sandy's Band, joined up with The Lucky Stars outfit several years back, bringing his style and expertice to the band's rhythm section.

Russ Blake is the tacit guitar player. His eloquent musical phrasing and twin-guitar retorts have become an integral part of The Lucky Stars' aural tapestry.

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Stay Out Late With The Lucky Stars(CD, 2005)
Fate Records
Holywood & Western(CD, 2000)
Ipecac Records
Their first CD release, recorded live in studio.
The Lucky Stars(7" EP, 1996)
Bucket Lid Records

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