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Hollowbody Hellraisers

Submitted by hollowbodyhellraiser (30 June 2009)
Hollowbody Hellraisers is based out of Gainesville Florida and is assembled of four diverse musicians who have made their mark in various other bands before coming together to form this killer collaboration. Andrew has rocked in the band Empty Fifth which took Gainesville by storm being one the only rockabilly bands to form in this town....

Horton Brothers

Submitted by kitti (05 September 2007)
Bobby and Billy Horton were born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, but have called Austin home since 1996. The boys' brand of rockabilly/hillbilly bop has been influenced by the likes of Jimmy and Johnny, Rusty and Doug Kershaw, The York Brothers, The Everly Brothers, and the wealth of great stuff emanating from Owen Bradley's studio in...

Hot Rocks, The

Submitted by kitti (18 March 2008)
It's already 20 years since The Hot Rocks have been performed either as a band or as backup on lots of European and Canadian stages. The trio plays the music of 50’s, having in their set list self-penned compositions as well as covers but with a lot of improvisation and their own arrangements. The...

Hot Rod Lincoln

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (13 March 2007)
These way cool cats are HOT – ROD – LINCOLN! By Mik Homer Now you’ve heard the story about the Rockabilly cats, who play their music in the crazy flats. That story’s true in case you’re thinkin’, These way cool cats are HOT – ROD – LINCOLN! ...

Jancee Pornick Casino, The

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
Russian-American Surf Federation Jancee Warnick guitars,vocals Vladimir Martens bass Stanislav Torbotrous drums The story goes: American guitarplayer Jancee Warnick meets two crazy Russian dudes in his German exile. Together they form one of the strangest and most explosive rock’n roll-bands of our...

Jet-sons, The

Submitted by jetsons (13 November 2007)
The Jet-sons are crazy rockabillies from south Poland. They're playing pure, wild garage rockabilly! Dominic is picking the geetar, Tommy is slapping the big bass and Niko is drumming and doing all those crazy stuff over stage. They made few records on some compilation, recorded Tribute to Cash CD which was sold to many countries...

Jimi Lipponen & The Kummitusjuna

Submitted by johnnyhonker (03 April 2007)
Roots rock & roll - that's the name of the game. Basic, simple stuff, like the geezers in the band. Roadworn tales, twangy guitars and smelly suits. Jimi Lipponen & the Kummitusjuna (Ghost-train, that is!) is a four piece Rock 'n' Roll band from Northern Finland. Marko Lipponen : guitars & vocals Jyrki...

John-boy & The Waltons

Submitted by hihosilver (02 July 2008)
John-boy & The Waltons is a good-clean-fun band from Nijmegen (the Netherlands), which was formed in 1989 and has been performing live over 1200 times, playing oldies from the 1950s and '60s at festivals, parties, clubs and pubs. They have made 3 CDs and have appeared regularly on national TV and radio in The Netherlands....

Johnny Loda & The Echorecs

Submitted by johnnyloda (23 April 2008)
The beginning of Johnny Loda’s career as a rockabilly guitarist and singer dates back to the 1982 when as a sixteen-years-old boy he gave life to his first band, Nervous Kids and The Thunderbolts. However, if you wish to look back at his musical roots, you have to make a step back to the early 70s....

Johnny Menphis Trio, The

Submitted by johnnymenphis (06 March 2009)
The Johnny Menphis Trio is an English band, who are playing hot jump rockabilly. TattoTony - on drums and hitting things. The band line up is relatively new but all members have been rockin' on the scene for about eighty years. Johnny used to be a bass player and a front man for the notorious Redneks,...
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