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Submitted by nickcstreet (29 February 2016)
Flashback play a mix of Rockabilly and classic Rock'n'Roll. Depending on the occasion they have a few Swing numbers up their sleeves too. They perform in London, Surrey & Berkshire at dances, weddings, parties and clubs. They've all played in live bands of various genres for several years. They share a love of Rock'n'Roll so formed...

Flat Top Rockets

Submitted by finbilly80 (13 February 2010)
Flat Top Rockets is high speedin´ rockabilly trio from Finland. It´s legendary hellish road began in late summer 2008 when guitarist Antti and vocalist/bassplayer Iikka get together and they desided to start a raw and agressive rockabilly band with a touch of old school spirit!!! In the year 2009 january drumplayer Ville joined the group...

Flatbroke Trio

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (30 June 2007)
Their love for old American music goes way back. Members of the Flatbroke Trio have been listening to rockabilly, country, blues, etc... since they were little kids. In the early eighties there was a rockabilly-boom in Finland and at that time these youngsters got bitten by fifties rock’n’roll. And at some point they felt certain urge...

Flatfoot Shakers

Submitted by kitti (29 July 2007)
The Flatfoot Shakers are a 4 piece traditional Rockabilly outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They originally formed around April '97 but soon shuffled the lineup before recording their self titled debut album in September 1999 on Preston records in Melbourne. The album was released on both CD and 10” vinyl format (titled "Chicka Boom")....

Flying Cats, The

Submitted by letsrock_org_uk (20 December 2009)
The Flying Cats is a sane and fresh rock and roll band, for hot, funny, dancing musical nights: this group makes you move your legs! But it is far more than this! It is different from any obvious rock and roll band you may have heard till now...for an amount of topics: repertoire, personality, style, sound......

Four Star Combo, The

Submitted by ronscott (19 February 2009)
The Four Star Combo is the brainchild of bandleader, Ron Scott, who has a long resume in the East Coast Roots music scene. Sound of the band is primitive, and authentic Rockabilly and Honky Tonk music, without any pretense of modernization or any kind of damn-fool 'fusion' of styles. Songs range from well-known to completely obscure,...


Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 May 2007)
The Fretz formed about 20 years ago a psychobilly band and now features none of the original members. As the original members slowly grew older they were replaced by juvenile delinquents from outer space who knew and loved real rockabilly. Their mission was simple to spread the rockabilly word across the entire planet (or...


Submitted by ted (26 September 2010)
Ruthless, gritty and hellbent Rock 'n' Roll!!! This trio hail from the streets of Liverpool and are being tipped as the UK's break-out band! With a relentless touring schedule, FURIOUS have been cemented as one of the hardest working & wildest live acts around. Their appeal crosses so many borders and with their self penned songs...

Gagarin Brothers

Submitted by kitti (06 April 2008)
The Gagarin Brothers refer to their style as "A Neo Retro Alliance", a description fitting for their talent of taking popular melodies from Soviet and American music of the 1920's through 1960's and giving them new life in very unexpected rockabilly, gipsy jazz, folk and zydeco arrangements. During its formation, the group saw many `artists`...

Gin Palace Jesters

Submitted by kitti (04 September 2007)
"Chicago's original honky-tonk fools," the Gin Palace Jesters are purveyors of the finest in hard hitting hillbilly Honky-tonk, Country Boogie, and Western Swing. Infused with a deep and sincere fondness for all traditional American musical styles, the sound of the Gin Palace Jesters could best be described as being akin to the sounds of Country Music's...
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