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Domestic Bumblebees, The

Submitted by kitti (18 March 2008)
The Domestic Bumblebees is a 50’s Blues /Rock’n’Roll trio from Stockholm, Sweden, that is well known for their explosive shows and their great skills on their instruments. The band was formed at a small club called “Jumpin’ The Cellar” in November 2004 by three members from the fine Rhythm & Blues band: Danny & The...

Dice Rebels

Submitted by dicerebels (25 October 2007)
It all started a whole lot of years back in history when the beloved King of Rock ‘N Roll was still alive and rockin’. As we all know Mr. Presley did love a lot of women, and he had some… Not knowing he made some women pregnant of beautiful children, he rocked a couple of years...

Deke Dickerson

Submitted by dutch (02 January 2009)
Deke Dickerson is one of America’s musical treasures. As an entertainer and musician, he has toured the world and established himself as one of the foremost purveyors of roots music, headlining festivals from Las Vegas to Finland. As a writer and music historian, he is well known for his regular column in Guitar Player magazine and...


Submitted by rockaround (16 May 2007)
Brand newNorwegian rockabilly combo with members from Built For Speed, Noise Pollution and The Cascadez. We play pretty modern rockabilly, but also try to sound more authetic on some songs....

Dead-eye Mariners

Submitted by litogris (04 March 2012)
Dead-Eye Mariners sing dead-sea shanties of Rovers and Drovers & Mariners all. A festival of Gothic Rockabilly with historic western content. Flame-haired frontman Carlito Gris hails from La Ciudad de Mexico and leads a newly hustled rollin' rhythm section of Mark Evans and the Buxton Brothers. Dead-Eye Mariners cry havoc and let slip the...

Daryl Haywood Combo

Submitted by rockin_bird (01 February 2009)
"It was late in august 2003 when we got together for the first jam. It didn't take long to realize that this was the sound we had been looking for and now we had a chance to make something out of it" - describes bands guitarist, KK , the former of Daryl Haywood Combo. ". ...

Darrin Stout

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (09 April 2007)
Whether you're in the mood for upbeat rockabilly twang, a gripping rhythm & blues ballad or crooning from the heart, Darrin Stout's music has all of these elements and more. Raised in West Texas, he has spent his life accumulating the musical influences that make up his style. Darrin fuses traditional roots music with a...

Dagmar And The Seductones

Submitted by seductones (03 May 2008)
Dagmar and The Seductones are High-Voltage Vintage Rock and Roll! Formed in 2001 Dagmar and The Seductones from Northern Virginia, USA, have released so far two radio-friendly CDs - "Little Bitta Love" (2004) and "Come Back To Me" (2007). DJ Lane Quigley of The Memory Lane Show (Rockit Radio) reviews Come Back To Me: "It...


Submitted by swingchief (20 July 2010)
Since 1999, Daddy-O! with: R.C. on guitar/vocals, J.B. on drums/vocals/whistle and Special 'K' on bass/vocals have been re-creating the fifties era. The look, the sound, the feel brings you back to that time from 1954 to 1959 when music was fun and made you wanna dance. Re-experience the birth of Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Doo...

Custom Made Trio

Submitted by arnoud0665 (01 July 2008)
The Custom Made Trio is a rock 'n roll band, which was formed in April 2007. They are bringing the vintage sound of the 50's, either acoustic or amplified. The most important ingredient of their sound is: FUN! Rock and roll is in their soul! It`s only Rock and roll, but they like it! ...
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