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Whiskey Kiss

Submitted by whiskeykiss (21 November 2012)
Whiskey Kiss is a female fronted Rockabilly band from Phoenix, AZ. Led by husband and wife duo, their sound blends old country standards with rock and roll flair. Their live show is a great place to dance and be entertained. Wanda Jackson, Imelda May, and Gene Vincent are just some of the artists that influence their...

Whistle Bait

Submitted by kitti (05 October 2007)
Whistle Bait was formed when a couple of boys from a small town called Hamina -Vesa Haaja (vocals and guitar), Vesa Tynkkynen (guitar), Juha Tynkkynen (drums), and Marko Mäkelä (bass) - joined forces in the spring of '84 and started a band. The Tynkkynen bros and Marko had had couple of bands before this, as The...

Wild Wax Combo

Submitted by kitti (28 August 2007)
Wild Wax Combo is a four- piece rockabill band from Copenhagen Denmark. The band was formed in December 1996 after the split of another rockabilly band, The Candymen. Mikael en Paulo (quited the band in 2003 and then Andre took his place) wanted to continue playing rockabilly music, so they invited Rene, the bass player of...

Wildfire Willie

Submitted by wildfirewillie (29 February 2016)
Wildfire Willie is a RocknRoll/Rockabilly band from Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden), It was in Eskilstuna Sweden the late 1985 when the idea of the band was born when Mika asked us if we (Jyrki, Markku, Mika, Petri) could form a new band. Mika and Petri had a Rockabilly trio named "Wild Youth"...

Wildfire Willie And The Ramblers

Submitted by kitti (20 December 2007)
Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers is a RocknRoll/Rockabilly band from Eskilstuna, Sweden, started in 1985 by brothers Jyrki JJ (Guitar) and Markku (Drums) Juvonen. In Aug 1986 Jan Svensson (vocals) joined the band as a singer, before Mika Savinainen (Bass) was also doin the singin. There has been different bassplayers in this band over the years,...

Wildkats, The

Submitted by kitti (06 September 2007)
The band started in 1999, when Alan and his band (which was called Breathless) split up. It had also a bass player Dave who used to stand in for Johnny Kid & the pirates in the 60's, a drummer Steve who was a college lecturer but was more of a 70's style drummer and Bob -...
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