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Omar And The Stringpoppers

Submitted by kitti (19 September 2007)
Omar Romero was born in Ensenada, Mexico, not very long ago. He has been playing guitar since he was 14. He formed his first band "The Screamin' Solo Flights" in August 1999. The band quickly gained a great reputation for their live shows and they toured most of the US until they decided to break up....

Pep Torres

Submitted by kitti (17 December 2007)
Latino-rocker/crooner Pep Torres, from Hollywood, CA, plays his own blend of 50s style rock & roll, rockabilly, doo-wop, and rhythm and blues. Pep puts on an incredible show of highly energetic and danceable numbers as well as tender ballads, emphasizing his uniqueness by singing in both English and Spanish! Originally born and raised in Santa...

Phantom Cruisers

Submitted by kitti (02 January 2009)
The Phantom Cruisers set fire to the Midwest with a high-test hopped-up rockabilly sound that you want to get up and go. Since 2003, they have used their roots in punk rock to generate frenetic rhythms, but use their love of country and rock & roll to keep it in control for a polished and exciting...


Submitted by lottelou (22 January 2007)
The Phantoms are from St.Petersburg, Russia. They play old-time rockabilly music (early rock-n-roll, country, boogie beat and western swing) since autumn, 2002. Before the Phantoms this musicians had a great practice in playing rockabilly music. In 1991 Alexander Karnazov and Oleg Hoodkin organized of one of the first rockabilly bands in Saint Petersburg called...

Prettig Geregeld

Submitted by dutch (23 December 2008)
Prettig Geregeld is a acoustic duo specialized in 50's, 60's and 70's music. From tunes of Elvis, Stones, Beatles, Carl Perkins and etc, etc. We make from every happening (like birthday celebration, family gathering & etc, etc) a party. Kindly on the background with jazz music or on your lap with a tear jerker. What...

Psycho Devilles

Submitted by gatorrock (05 March 2009)
The Psycho DeVilles, also known as Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho DeVilles was formed in Florida in 2002. Since then it has toured throughout the U.S. , and continues to do so. The band released a cd called "Psycho Cadillac" with 22 original songs in 2005. A live cd was recorded and released in late...


Submitted by dutch (29 November 2009)
For years I played bass in Holland with a rockabilly band. I started in 1988 as a rhythm guitar player/singer but switched at the end of 1999 to bass. From that moment on my career as a rockabilly musician has been changing as sky rocket. I played with bands such as Red Shots, King...

Rabiesquiff, The

Submitted by manzy (28 February 2009)
The Rabiesquiff was found in the beginning of 2006 by Zwiebel (from "Straight from the Bottle"), Bello ("The Bail Bombers" and "The Neutrons") and the animal Elmo (also is playing in the rockabilly band "The Reno Brothers"). Nowadays they play a cool mix of desperate rockabilly with a whiff of blues and it will blow you...

Ragtime Wranglers

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (08 April 2007)
Sietse, Joe and Mary Ann have been playing music together since the mid 1980’s. They recorded 2 songs for the Dutch compilation album "Holland Billy" with their band "The Greyhounds". In 1991 they formed "The Ranch Girls and the Drifting Texans". Early 1993 there was a major change in the line-up and they renamed the band...

Randy Rich And The Poor Boys

Submitted by kitti (25 July 2007)
Founder member and guitar player Randy lived and played in England and the USA before he reunited his German band Randy Rich & The Poor Boys. The trio originally formed in 1997, and he brought his line-up back together again in September 2003. The line-up is now better than ever! All of the...
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