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Silvertones, The

Submitted by moskit0 (15 April 2009)
Back in 1991, three rockin' cats from Wolfenbüttel, deep down in the middle of nowhere, decided to add their own chapter to Rock `n Roll history. Things started rather authentic : buying instruments, covering obscure 50`s originals and torturing the neighbours` nerves....From 1994-1997 during some line-up changes featuring Stevie and Bernie ( the Bonehead ) on...

Skip Rats, The

Submitted by skiprats (23 October 2007)
The Skip Rats started on the UK rockin\' scene in 1987 and in that time have had only 1 change of line up, but are now back as the original trio of: Col Mee - Vocal/Acc Guitar Mickie Downey - Double Bass Joe Gullan - Lead Guitar Their latest CD is available on Pink...

Soil Senders, The

Submitted by soilsenders (02 June 2009)
The Soil Senders is four men's group from south-west of Finland (axis Tampere – Vilppula). Though the band is young (since 2008), we all have been in the business for quite a while (Whistle Bait, One O'clock Humph, Back Beat Combo, etc). "Probably we don't have to teach you how to rock – So just jump...


Submitted by kitti (14 September 2007)
In December 1996 the first concert of new rockabilly quartet took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. The newborn band was named "Cadillacs", because of the fact that all members had tattoos with some kind of Cadillac image. Nowadays in local gigs the band uses the name "Cadillacs" more often than ''Spootniks". But back to 1996, it...

Sprague Brothers

Submitted by lottelou (17 April 2007)
If they could, the Sprague Brothers would change the world, one song at a time. From their earliest released recordings in 1990 through their highly acclaimed Hightone CD’s and their recent releases on Wichita Falls Records, the Sprague Brothers have forged a clear and steady path, as leader Frank Lee Sprague says, “Influenced by none, inspired...

Stardevils, The

Submitted by maybell57 (07 April 2009)
Just traditional rockabilly and hillbilly bop! The StarDevils; Widely regarded as one of the best bands in traditional contemporary rockabilly with their savage Rockabilly and Hillbilly boppin' sounds. Having received 5 star reviews from Black Cat Rockabilly and Rockabilly Hall of Fame (to name a few) the bands live shows and CD's are a must...

Starliters, The

Submitted by kitti (31 July 2007)
The band was formed in 1995 in Milano (Italy) and has performed as "Howlin' Lou and the Starliters" at many European rock'n'roll meetings, including The Silvester Shodown in Gunzburg (Germany), Jitterbug Records Festival in Hannover (Germany) and rockabilly meetings in Barcelona (Spain) and Bourges (France). In October 1996 they issued their first 10 inch for Tail...

Stockmen, The

Submitted by stockmen (06 April 2009)
Found in 1999 by Taras Trofimov and Serge Misharin, the Stockmen started as a band with authentic 50's rockabilly sound and lyrics inspired mostly by horror b-movies. In 2000 Andy Poluektov has joined the band as a bass-guitar player, but later on switched to the double-bass. The Stockmen has released debut CD "Blow Out"...

Suzy Q & Her Be-bop Boys

Submitted by kitti (01 August 2007)
Suzy Q & Her Be-Bop Boys have an authentic 1950's Rockabilly sound, much like the wild records made by Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps with Cliff Gallup's crazy guitar sound. They have been playing around Southern California for about 2 years and are comprised of veteran musicians. Suzy Dughi, Bass/vocals and Buddy Dughi,...

Taggy Tones

Submitted by kitti (03 September 2007)
Taggy Tones was formed in 1989. Jess was working in a record shop, when he met Rene who had come to buy some drums and they decided to make a band. The drumming position wasn't really working out for Rene, so he decided to play upright bass instead. They got Laurent on leadguitar after seeing an...
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