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Reno Brothers, The

Submitted by kitti (03 December 2007)
The Reno Brothers started playing rockabilly in 1998. Rogier and Eddy had previously played together in the Red Shots, Get Rhythm and Jimmy & the Bamboozies. This new band was formed by Ramon, then Jan van Leeuwen joined 2 month's later and they were ready to rock the World! After the first cd was realeased they...

Reverend Wright And The Mystery Train Gamblers

Submitted by reverend_wright (21 October 2008)
Reverend Wright And The Mystery Train Gamblers create a sound that can only be described as "Kustom Built Rockabilly". Based in Pretoria, South Africa, these three hot roddin, kustom kultured rockabilly cats create their music like a greaser would build a hot rod. Taking old, classic songs, melodies and ideas, stripping and sanding them down and...

Rhythm Boys, The

Submitted by rhythmchick (28 September 2007)
The Rhythm Boys is a rock n roll/rockabilly band that plays authentic and original songs. The band features slap bass, acoustic guitar, rockin' drums and twanging lead guitar fronted by Mike's incredible vocal talents. Their set list ranges from original rockabilly of the mid fifties from artists as Elvis Presley and Warren Smith and British rock'n'roll...

Rhythm Dragons, The

Submitted by cheezboy (12 December 2011)
3-piece Rockabilly trio featuring Anthony Vincent on Guitar/Lead Vocals,Josh Gihle on Upright Bass/Vocals,Bob Stubbs on Stand-up Drums.Band does all original material and has 10 plus C.D. albums released.Beyond Rockabilly... Anthony Vincent is a Arizona singer, songwriter and guitarist with a catalogue of published songs. He performs and writes rockin' music in the tradition of Eddie...


Submitted by kitti (29 August 2007)
The Finnish rockabilly band Roadracers was formed in 2001 in Tampere by Hannu Kaarto and Antti Raulamo. Later Iikku Riepponen joined it as a bass player. Four years later, after a couple of gigs in Holland, drummer Jarno Saario also became one of the band. Roadracers is mixture of hard beating slapbass...

Roadrunnerz, The

Submitted by thebopper (12 January 2014)
Red Hot Rockabilly Blues trio from the northwest of England.. Taking bookings for pubs and clubs. Influences are: restless, hot boogie chillun, Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy holly, Bo didley, john lee hooker, howlin wolf, the jets, Russ bebop and the roadrunners, Johnny Kidd, screamin lord sutch, Johnny burnette, the creature from the black lagoon,...

Rockabilly Discipline

Submitted by pinkblack (08 April 2007)
The band joined together in October 2006, with musicians with a long career in the 50's rockabilly scene.
Now they are working on their first LP....

Rockats, The

Submitted by smuttysmiff (26 September 2010)
One of the first neo-Rockabilly bands started in 1978 and are still together for gigs. The Rockats began after the breakup of Levi & the Rockats. Levi left to go solo and guitarist Stephen "Dibbs" Preston and stand-up bassist Smutty Smith decided to keep the band going. Preston moved to vocals and Barry Ryan and...

Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz

Submitted by rockinhenri (12 December 2011)
Talking about Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz is like talking about a revelation in rockabilly. With this band you'll search in vain for boosted recordings as is common in modern music. This is true pure honest rock & roll, rockabilly, highschool rock, the way it should be! No studiotricks at all. Not a whole day in...

Rocky Velvet

Submitted by kitti (21 September 2007)
Rocky Velvet formed in the Albany, NY, area in 1996, as young men just out of high school, and over the years they’ve cultivated a reputation as one of Upstate New York’s premiere bands. Metroland, the newsweekly of NY’s Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga), crowned them “Best Band” in 2007. This reputation didn’t come easily—as...
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